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As a convinced believer in the fundamental philosophy of the Right, I am utterly disillusioned with Prime Minister Theresa May. And news today of her latest Socialist initiative has killed off any confidence I ever had in her.

Before I get to today’s critical news, allow me to trace the loss of confidence.

In early July the UK government published the now discredited Chequers proposals for the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

The proposals were prepared by the Europe Unit in the Cabinet Office, and bore all the hall marks of civil servants steeped in EU thinking. The official proposals prepared by the Brexit Department and its minister, David Davis, were simply tossed aside as irrelevant. Consequence ? Both David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson felt constrained to resign.

Both are pleading for Chequers to be “chucked”.

What is more, those proposals will go nowhere because they are a hotch-potch which pleases no-one [Brexit Tories, DUP, Labour in general, even the EU itself]. And according to a former chairman of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade [forerunner to the present World Trade Organisation], the Chequers proposals demonstrate that their authors know nothing about international trade…

What Chequers does demonstrate is

  • Mrs May’s manifest duplicity, and willingness to overturn the norms of institutional government
  • the continued pre-eminence of unpatriotic and undemocratic Remainers at the heart of government
  • May’s essentially Euro-centric mindset cannot conceive how the UK can exist outside the EU

Then in August Brexit Select committee member, Andrea Jenkyns revealed a horrifying conspiracy to place the UK’s entire Defence capability, policy and industry under EU control post Brexit.

The culprits for such treason ?

The Europe Unit in the Cabinet Office, yet again.

As at this moment, I am still waiting for a response from my [Conservative] MP about this total rejection of the vote on June 23rd 2016 by a clique of treacherous ideologues at the heart of the UK government.

Roll on and despite the humiliation and rejection of the Chequers proposal at the Salzburg summit of EU leaders nearly 3 weeks ago, Theresa May continues to support the nonsense of her Chequers proposal.

What does this reveal about her ?

It’s pretty commonly understood about human beings that,  under pressure,  a person’s real character will be revealed.

And she has now revealed herself to be downright stubborn, but stupidly so.

By persistently pursuing two treasonous proposals authored by her ideological civil servants in the Europe Unit at the Cabinet office, she reveals her adherence to the EU project, and therefore her serious lack of patriotism and belief in the United Kingdom as a capable, sovereign nation.

And when it comes to the economy she has shown herself to be a Socialist.

Extra £Billions for the failing bureaucracy called the NHS. In fact, ALL the money that goes to the EU currently, and some …

Then there is public funding – or should I say more public  borrowing – to finance house building.

Yet, this is the woman who as Home Secretary slashed our policing capability with consequences we all know about in the failure to fight the epidemic of drug crime, violence and gangsterism around drugs and people trafficking …

Such has been the effect that the Police Federation is taking the government to court over its pay rates …

Sufficient money cannot be found to police our streets and to resource our military, but it can be found for Socialist minded spending programmes.

On which more in a moment.

At her party conference on Wednesday October 3rd, May declared the end of austerity; at PMQs on Wednesday October 10th she declared that while austerity had come to an end, fiscal responsibility was still very much in place.

This,  of course,  is total tergiversation.

Austerity is the word associated with cuts in public spending, the purpose of such cuts is to reduce the deficit in the government’s budget. Reducing deficit means reducing public spending and that results in austerity [“severe or strict …… lacking comfort or luxuries..” OED].

While the annual budget deficit of the government has been reduced in recent years, it has not been eliminated. And if the annual budget deficit is not eliminated we cannot even begin to reduce the massive accumulated debt which stands at £1.7 TRILLION AND RISING …

So, if the government under its so called austerity programme was still paying out more in DEBT INTEREST payments alone, than it was on Defence and Policing combined [Budget speech 2017]  just how much does Mrs May intend to burden the taxpayer with now that “austerity” is finished ?

It’s a critical question. Especially as I come to what is the last straw for me ref. Mrs May.

The Mail online reported late on Tuesday 9th October 2018 that Mrs May has set aside £1.9 Billion to have ALL school children routinely undergo mental health assessments.

Problems have been identified for 10% of children, but now ALL children are to be examined. It’s not compulsory but will be encouraged. And the bureaucracy and 8000 plus staff to carry this out will be in place to make sure, of course.

Just in financial terms, spending on the 90% who don’t need it because there may be 10% who do,  is insane.

But that is not the worst of it.

This is the State encroaching unprecedentedly and immorally on the preserve of parents and the family.

For the Socialist and PC minded you just have to mention the words “child”,  “health” and “need” to justify any degree of State intervention without any justification or consideration of what the move means morally, politically, socially or philosophically.

Just what will be the philosophical perspective of all these new State employees ?

According to what world view will they be trained or recruited ?

Just what exactly will they be assessing as an acceptable or unacceptable state of mind ?

Mrs May reveals herself to have an extremely limited grasp of Right wing thinking.

Her default to Socialist solutions reveals just how shallow her Conservativism is.

And her modus operandi reveals her to be a calculating opportunist.

Ray Catlin

Copyright © 2018 Ray Catlin All rights reserved.

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