The Truth in EUtopia

Today Prime Minister Theresa May will undoubtedly repeat the myth that Brexit is in doubt unless MPs vote for her Withdrawal Deal. The exact reverse is the case. As one expert outlined for Brexit Central last week, time has run out on the legislative timetable.

In fact Brexit can only be threatened if MPs believe Theresa May’s myth, surrender to her blackmail,  and then support the UK government motion in the parliamentary lobbies this afternoon.

Mrs May has spoken of a deep and special partnership with the EU; her Deal and her Political Declaration outline this. But she has never spelled out what it entails.


Because it is the complete subordination of UK Intelligence and Defence to the EU.

The idea of European military union goes back to 1950 when the French Prime Minister Rene Pleven proposed a Plan. It did not sell well at the time, so the French changed tack and went for the economic route to European integration and subordination.

The Pleven  Plan figured in a speech President Macron gave last Tuesday. The speech launched the new EU College for Intelligence in Paris – a college Macron had promoted in his vision for the EU at the Sorbonne in September 2017.

This innocent college is clearly a nascent EU spy Authority. 66 European Intelligence agencies were there; the UK Security Service and Secret Intelligence Service must have been there. Brit Sir Julian King, EU Security Commissioner,  certainly was – though he chose not to reveal this on his professedly transparent EU Diary entry.

The Elysee Palace website, however,  proudly proclaims that the President’s Sorbonne vision is being implemented.

Macron himself stated that 9 countries founded the project back in June 2017 – and expressly mentioned that the UK was one…

 June 2017 was, of course,  one year after the June 2016 Brexit referendum vote.

I raised this question of the subordination of our Security/Defence to the EU with my MP last year. She raised it with No 10. Nothing has come back to me save for confirmation it has indeed been raised with No 10 …

Nor is this issue addressed in the UK media, even though it constitutes an underlying and persistent threat to Brexit.

We voted for our independence, for our sovereignty – yet our Prime Minister is deliberately handing over control of our entire capacity to actually secure that … 

So last week Field Marshall Lord Guthrie, Sir Richard Dearlove and Professor Gwythian Prins published their independent draft Treaty for our future defence and security relationship with the EU.

Because in EUtopia our  government cannot be trusted with the task.

These three men are being totally transparent. Their work is published for all to see. And it is a superb document. It delineates clearly a Brexit honouring future relationship, and is available to all.

Why does the UK government not do the same ?

Such is the treachery and underhand dealing when it comes to anything touching on the EU’s increasing power, however, that I question whether the UK should have any treaty with this undemocratic and domineering French project for control of Europe.

You may not believe me about French domination of Europe; you may prefer the thesis that this is a German project. But what cannot be in dispute is Mr Macron’s own ambition in Europe.

Last week he published a letter in all the major European newspapers addressed to Citoyens d’Europe

In that letter he sets out his Sorbonne vision, and he says explicitly why he is taking this unprecedented initiative.

Brexit is a problem. Brexit is the symptom of the fundamental threat to Europe.

Now, you and I may think that the shortcomings of the EU are the problem;  and that these have created a groundswell of opinion against the EU project.

But not Mr Macron. For him, the EU project is beyond question. The EU project is the implementation of the European Ideal. And the EU is fundamentally the vehicle by which the French see themselves pursuing their global ambitions for the “Rights of Man”.

Remember, they gave the world La Declaration des droits de l’homme et du Citoyen, and they feel themselves duty bound to evangelise their Gospel message.

[They are woefully ignorant that the English got there a century before with their Bill of Rights, and successfully established constitutional monarchy while they still laboured under the Autocracy of Louis XVI …].

Mr Macron despises the Brexit vote. He regards all such national outbursts as heresy. And heresy – as we all know – must be rooted out. Heresy – not Authority – is always the real problem.

Personally,  I have no doubt whatsoever that Mr Macron sees his new Intelligence College as a weapon in the war against heresy – 17.4 million Brexit votes notwithstanding.

Mr Macron’s letter makes clear that he is championing the European Union cause against the heretical nationalists.

He makes it crystal clear that he sees the coming Euro elections in May as decisive for the future of our continent and that the threat to Europe is the greatest it has ever been since the Second World War…

He infers that the battle is a struggle between Nazism and Civilisation – he being the Champion of Civilisation,  while all those who espouse national interest in the face of the French inspired dirigiste EU project are Extremists of the worst type.

He wants to sell us the EUtopian myth that his opponents are the Enemy – not the bureaucratic and undemocratic EU made in the image of French Autocracy.

We come full circle to Mrs May’s propaganda about her parliamentary motion this afternoon.

The truth is the opposite of what she claims.

Just as it is with Mr Macron.

Personally, I seriously question the mindset and intentions of a person who makes the insidious insinuation that any one who disagrees with the EU project is a Nazi.

Especially when Macron’s mentality has already led to serious trouble on the streets of France, and to disturbing revelations in the Benalla scandal – an investigation his henchmen falsely claimed was “unconstitutional”…

In EUtopia, the Priesthood alone declares what is Truth.

Ray Catlin

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