Truth will out !

ON this blog yesterday I opened with the words:

“Today Prime Minister Theresa May will undoubtedly repeat the myth that Brexit is in doubt unless MPs vote for her Withdrawal Deal. The exact reverse is the case. As one expert outlined for Brexit Central last week, time has run out on the legislative timetable.”

Mrs May did indeed repeat her nonsense, and my assertions about the situation have now been proved correct.

Definitive proof came this morning in the words of the government motion to be debated this afternoon. That Motion says:

“That this House declines to approve leaving the European Union without a Withdrawal Agreement and a Framework for the Future Relationship on 29 March 2019; and notes that leaving without a deal remains the default in UK and EU law unless this House and the EU ratify an agreement”

and notes that leaving without a deal remains the default in UK and EU law unless this House and the EU ratify an agreement

The actual legal position is that we leave the EU on 29th March 2019 regardless of the posturing from Remainiacs and the Commons votes today and tomorrow, 14th March.

The vote today on this motion disapproving Brexit on No Deal terms is therefore a political gesture. As are the appalling amendments which have been allowed by the Speaker of the House of Commons.

To overturn Brexit, the law will have to be changed. Motions of rejection or approval are posturing. They carry political weight, and that is why they are being talked up by Remainiac politicians and by the Remain minded element in the media.

We are now in the very final days before Brexit, and the pressure from these Brexit deniers is intense as they try by any means to talk up the idea of No Brexit.

Just this afternoon, Chancellor Phillip Hammond trashed leaving without a deal, only moments after stating that the UK economy was in remarkable health, that government finances were looking better and better, and that the Office Of Budget Responsibility 5 year forecast was extremely positive.

Only a Remainiac in the role of Chancellor would run the risk of talking like this – no Chancellor talks down his country’s economy.

This appalling ‘EUtopian’ mindset has created the situation we are in today. On the very verge of Leaving, the government itself remains in two minds. At this late stage there should be no equivocation. There should only be sober acceptance and determination to proceed successfully. RESPONSIBLY.

Within the last 24 hours – in fact since the defeat of May’s nonsense EU withdrawal Deal –  May has herself stated her reluctance. Sky News online quotes her saying:

But I equally passionately believe that the best way to do that is to leave in an orderly way with a deal and I still believe there is a majority in the House for that course of action.

And she went on to say this about the House of Commons deliberations after rejecting her Deal:

Does it wish to revoke Article 50? Does it want to hold a second referendum? Or does it want to leave with a deal but not this deal?

This reveals a Prime Minister lacking the will to Leave the EU.

The law as it stands says we leave on 29th March, yet the Prime Minister still talks about a Deal as if No Deal is disaster. She even goes on to talk about possibilities which do not exist and which she has repeatedly denied.

How can a Prime Minister committed to Brexit be talking just 16 days before Brexit Day about revoking Article 50 [ie not leaving at all] and about a further Referendum [the strategy of Remainers to overturn Brexit].

By this stage it should all be settled. She tried her deal and it failed – twice. The law was passed last year. The date is 29th March 2019.

But her words reveal reluctance.

And they reveal an appalling participation in the quixotic mentality of the Remainers.

She and the Die Hard Remainers insist on a Deal with the EU. But a Deal with the EU as a condition of the UK leaving the EU is a straight denial of the Brexit Vote.

A Deal is inherently predicated on what the EU will accept; if it won’t accept, then there is no deal. Ergo, we need the EU’s permission to leave ! Unless the EU agrees a Deal, Remainiac logic says we cannot Leave.

It is a clear repudiation of the Brexit vote of June 23rd 2016.

In that vote, We voted to Leave. We did not vote to ask permission from the EU to please let us leave. We voted to Leave. Unilaterally.

And the EU treaty itself recognises that –  it says nothing about predicating leaving on the requirement for  a Deal. In fact it covers the option of going out without a Deal by explicitly stating a 2 year deadline on negotiations. The Treaty itself provides the default of Leaving with NO Deal.

So, Theresa May is asserting a nonsense. And she is doing that because her own psychology refuses to accept the viability of Brexit. Her Chancellor manifestly does not accept the viability of Brexit, either.

So we have a government that is doing something it does not want to do; does not believe in it; and is thus failing to provide leadership when leadership is required.

Brexit is patently not the problem.

The problem is a government denying the viability of Brexit, and a parliament with too many MPs who believe in EUtopia – not democracy.

It is in every one’s interests for Brexit deniers to face reality and act responsibly.

Should they somehow contrive to thwart Brexit, they will destroy the credibility of our parliamentary democracy, and precipitate a Historic Crisis.

Ray Catlin

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