The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Everyone is aware that there is a serious crisis in UK politics. People have all sorts of takes on it and the airwaves are full of speculation.

Everyone knows that Brexit should happen in 9 days time, and that Mrs May has just crossed another of her red lines by asking the EU for a 3 month extension to Article 50.

[Last week the Deputy PM said such a short extension would be crazy. A long extension would therefore be sanity in Mr Lidington’s mind].

It all comes down to points of view, then.

Or does it ?

Mrs May knows that she has been playing with words these last 2 years; and so do we. It is obvious from the written record that Mrs May has no intention of allowing the UK to be free from the EU.

It is also evident from the record that the majority of MPs in Parliament – almost 500 – don’t like Leaving the EU, and that many of them have made a concerted effort to stop Brexit.

For many such MPs, the Brexit vote was “extreme”, people were conned, the Leave campaign was corrupt, and people don’t want Brexit any more. They should vote again – even though the first vote has yet to be implemented.

The current political crisis is, in fact, the result of (a) Mrs May’s refusal to allow a true Brexit, and create the conditions for continued integration [which she calls “partnership”] and (b) the refusal of so many Remain minded MPs to let Brexit happen.

Statute Law says we leave on March 29th, yet both May and Remain MPs are still resisting. Hence the political crisis.

But this man made crisis is more than a political crisis, more than a constitutional crisis. It is, in fact, the symptom of the fundamental crisis that has been building for decades.

That crisis concerns Truth. It concerns the displacement of reality by the wishful thinking of the propagandist.

Most normal and non-political people know what truth is. Most people can see the truth about what is happening with Brexit: the Establishment has been exposed and the Establishment has no intention of letting go by allowing real democracy to decide the future.

So, on March 29th we will discover whether the Establishment has won out or whether democracy has gained this battle.

I say battle because the war is by no means over on March 29th, even with a WTO [No Deal] Brexit. The future relationship with the EU will still have to be determined and we already know what they want. It’s on the record in the current Political Declaration…

In all this we have been treated to a right royal feast of propaganda. I’ve already mentioned that all Leavers are either “extremists” or poor stupid saps that need to be educated to a proper understanding of the issue.

So, according to Remain’s politically correct Propaganda, there are 17.4 million extremists and stupid saps in UK.

We all know they are doing this. We can all see that they are twisting and sidelining the truth – a recent survey says that 60% of people regard the BBC as biased about Brexit. Remain themselves know they are doing it. They just won’t accept the Referendum Result.

That is the problem. There are now sufficient numbers of politicians who see no problem in their behaving like this. Perverting the Truth and denying a simple democratic instruction. They have such an over-rated sense of their own self importance, they have no respect for others. Instead they trample on our views and denigrate us. Because that’s where their man-centred religion leads….

This is the fruit of Materialism. A world where only the material, therefore man centred matters. There is no Spiritual dimension – there is no God who determines Truth and Morality. Man is now his own god – man now determines what is true and what is moral.

And it is leading to a very serious place.

The worst is yet to come…

For many of us, God sees all and will judge all. Many others doubt God, but accept the same basic worldview – we should bow to objective reality and live accordingly.

But when you are your own god, you have the right to determine life as you think fit – and the strong and powerful are entitled to use their position to impose themselves on the weak. After all, they are now their own god, and as such they can behave like god – with power over people’s consciences, their lives, their views, their needs.   There is no objective reality or God to determine otherwise …

And that is how we end up in a totalitarian state. How we end up with the Lenins, the Stalins, the Hitlers, the Maos, the Pol Pots etc

If you voted for Brexit you are an extremist – a racist; a nationalist; a phobist; a hate monger. Or else you are dim witted and need help.

This is pure propaganda divorced from reality. And it is legitimised in the minds of those who do it because they are their own god, accountable to no objective god who should tell them otherwise.

In their arrogant delusion, they deliberately create a straw man image according to their belief system: they judge all opposition in accordance with their stereotype of an enemy – a hate figure. They dispense entirely with the reality of the opponent – who he actually is and what he actually believes and does.

If you agree with  them, you are good and sane. If you are opposed, you are an enemy – you are dangerous. You are therefore to be eliminated.

To be Right Wing is to be an enemy – and enemies must be smeared and abused; they – not the propagandist – must be seen as the problem.

Therefore you get incredible inconsistencies in the use of the word “extreme”.

“Far right” or even just “right wing” are automatically extreme.

A person who murders 50 innocent people in their place of worship in New Zealand is thus equated with an attention seeker in Britain who has never [to my knowledge] even advocated anything like such wickedness, let alone committed it.

But reality and the evidence don’t matter. Because reality is whatever the propagandist wants it to be.

In fact in the hands of the propagandist, the truth is just a weapon or a means to provide the slightest excuse to sideline, denigrate or even eliminate any one who refuses to fall in line and think the same way.

For most normal people, however, the truth is what we all live by, what we all recognise. Reality determines our responses and our judgements. So we accept a referendum result, like it or not.

Nor would we dream of twisting the truth to suit our personal agenda when the entire future and welfare of our country are at stake.

We recognise truth as vital to taking the right action. Wrong diagnosis leads inevitably to wrong response; ergo no solution; ergo problem persists.

But for the propagandist, reality must be bent to their agenda. The truth cannot stand in the way of their belief system. Because their belief system is the truth … and the truth cannot be controverted by ignorant dissenters.

The person who murdered those 50 people in New Zealand was of this mindset. His entire action was premeditated to achieve a propaganda purpose – he published his manifesto and his barbaric acts online ….

He had completely lost touch with normality and morality.

Yet in our politically correct media and politics, people like me are categorised together with a mass murderer as enemies of civilisation.

Because I believe in law and order. I believe that a mass murderer should pay with their life; and everyone should know that if they commit such a wicked act, they too will be punished decisively and finally.

I believe “thou shalt not bear false witness” against anyone – whether I like them or not; whether they like me or not; whether they agree with me or not; whether they harm me or not; whether they say libelous and cruel things about me or not. I should still tell the truth, and not lie, nor distort. Nor indeed wish them ill, never mind do any ill…

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth …

What a difference it would make if our politicians and reporters reminded themselves every morning of this sober duty as they participate in the vital decision making processes of our society.

Ray Catlin

By Conservatism Institute

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