Brexit is dead – long live EUtopia !

Be in no doubt at all. BREXIT IS NOW DEAD.

The Wake will be held on May 23rd 2019.

On that date, the Self Servers and the Ideologues will dance on the grave of democracy. They will do so when they enact a travesty of the democratic process called elections to the EU “parliament”.

It is a “parliament” in the best continental tradition. Toothless and spineless. A place where arrogant egos strut and live off fat salaries and even bigger allowances, leaving real decisions to be taken by bureaucrats and plutocrats.

Our parliamentarians once held sacrosanct the culture and procedure of true liberty – liberty expressed and practised for real, not liberty espoused but abused.

Recent events demonstrate that too many of the current generation of MPs and Lords prefer superficial continental notions; they appear entirely ignorant of our substantial traditions flowing from Magna Carta in 1215, reinforced by the 1689 Declaration of Right.

Article 1 of the EU Council Decision on April 11th 2019 states that the date of Brexit is delayed to 31st October [again the eve of a significant event in the EU calendar].


Like the conjuring trick, it all happens before our very eyes.

Theresa May requests June 30th – a date already refused with the explanation that it was inconsistent with the law on upcoming EU parliament elections.

But,  instead of confirming Brexit for April 12th as determined at the previous council, they now give her 4 months more than she asked for, and say the UK can hold EU parliamentary elections.


By duping the British into voting on May 23rd, they undermine further the 2016 Referendum Vote;  they corral and contain the Brexit dynamic within their own talk shop parliament; they provide yet another opportunity for a Remain vote …

How can anyone participate – either as voter or as candidate – in an election to the sham parliament of an institution we voted to leave nearly 3 years ago ?

Brexit politicians should be calling out this travesty, NOT colluding with it.

Ipso facto, the moral authority of any Brexiteer ‘elected’ on May 23rd will be suspect, false and hypocritical.

May offered no new plan to justify the EU’s “delay” decision – as senior EU  personalities had constantly stated was necessary to justify yet further delay.

The EU saw the opportunity to advance the its fundamental Objective:

To retain the UK as a captive market for EU exports and as a soft touch for serious funds to maintain the financial Budget of their corrupted and democratically indefensible EUtopian Project  [respectively, a circa £80 BILLION + annual trade deficit with the EU and an annual net contribution of £10 BILLION to a system whose accounts have not been signed off for 20 years now].

As I have written elsewhere in a post entitled, “The EneMay within”, Theresa May is responsible for this decisive shift in the movement of events.

Brexit remained perfectly feasible up until the night of April 10th/11th 2019.

Brexit is now highly unlikely.

It will now take a legal miracle or else serious civil disturbance to turn the tide of events away from Remaining in the EU, to actually Leaving.

Historians will argue for years to come about which were the decisive moments in the course to trash Brexit. We all know what has happened in the last year –  ministerial resignations and the Chequers betrayal being substituted for the official, proper Brexit.

Many factors explain the course of events which has brought us here.

In general terms, the EUro-Fanatic spirit dominating the Establishment.

But with reference to specifics, personally I’d cite the failure of the Conservative Party to establish a democratic nomination and election process for its Leader.

Or the coup which May pulled off to become Leader in 2016.

Or May’s totally self absorbed ambition to become Prime Minister – an ambition so extreme, she expressed indignation when Thatcher became the first woman Prime Minister.

Or May being a contemptuous Machiavellian Apparatchik: someone with no sense of her country’s precious history; a calculating wheeler and dealer, incapable of seeing her Duty and Responsibility to manage the greatest issue of the moment for her country’s liberty.

But the specific personalities and policies aside, this blatant assassination of Brexit highlights 2 fundamentally critical problems our country must face and resolve.

One is the total failure of our constitution and our institutions to reflect and to implement the decision of 23rd June 2016.

The divorce between the Establishment and the electorate is pronounced. The distrust of electors is now confirmed in the brazen treachery of our Prime Minister.

Electors can only now react with apathy, or with violence.

No true democracy would ever have allowed such a fundamental dilemma to have arisen.

We evidently do not live in a true democracy.

In constitutional and institutional terms, I therefore see the need for radical reform along the lines I have suggested at the Page above titled “Revive Voter Trust“.

But we need something more.

The transitory actors on the stage of our politics must be obliged to operate within a clear Constitutional framework.

We need a re-affirmation of our traditional constitution, in the manner of 1689. And we need powerful institutional arrangements to ensure that the Constitution is paramount.

As I observed in my last post on this site, the French have a Constitutional Commission. We have nothing of the sort. We need some such arrangement and we need a culture of obeying the constitution as a framework

  1. to ensure fair play

  2. to hand on the precious gains and wisdom of our past to future generations, intact

But even the most effective procedural mechanisms operate according to a prevailing belief or philosophy.

Sadly, that prevailing, decisive belief holds that the European Ideal is paramount. The history of Brexit proves it.

But history also proves this.

That systems founded on obsessive Ideology and Imposition always generate unimaginable misery. Napoleon Bonaparte blazed the trail. Lenin, Stalin, Mao and others followed on.

Great Britain has never suffered from these Ideologists.

Why ?

Because our cultural and institutional heritage is founded in Experience and in Christianity.

Ray Catlin

PS May’s Withdrawal Deal is not a viable option, and she continues to blackmail parliament with NO Brexit if it is not passed. The reality of her Deal is Integration without Representation. Switched on MPs like John Redwood continue to challenge the Attorney General with the reality of its provisions. Regarding which, see his latest letter to the AG on his Diary here.


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