True love, true morality

This weekend traditionally marks the commemoration of the central act and doctrine of the Christian faith.

A penniless preacher was hung naked on a Roman gallows to die an appalling, agonising death.

It was a highly political act. It was typical of the treachery displayed in all ages by callous men in their obsession to control the agenda.

Jesus had done no wrong, only Good – he healed the sick and diseased, and asked nothing in return.

He lived selflessly, for  the good of others.

But the men in control felt threatened,  and when powerful men feel threatened they use lies, smears, and the mechanisms of the law to eliminate the threat. Sound familiar ?

Jesus was accused of Blasphemy, to which they added treason to ensure the death penalty was applied.

Such was the gross injustice, his example and teaching has had an unparalleled influence on this world in the 2000 years since.

His doctrine ?


[The second injunction is, of course,  impossible without the First. Adhering to the second, but rejecting the first is not Christianity; it is Humanism. A fundamental fact that too many learned Bishops and leading clerics have sadly failed to grasp.]

This example and this teaching were once the fundamental ethical reference point in the culture of our English speaking nations. Indeed in the nations of Europe. In fact the only basis for a common European identity is the Christian faith …

Christianity was the axiomatic reference point of all our morality. It infused our entire culture. It differentiated European culture from all other world cultures.

There have inevitably been abuses, even so. Governments and ecclesiastical organisations carried on the timeless game of political manipulation: the pursuit of power, title and gain, regardless of the human cost involved. A creed is always a useful cover for evil.

Men have at all times and in all places been subject to what the Christian worldview calls sin –  inherited selfishness and evil. The fact that it happens demonstrates the Christian case for man’s sinfulness and the primordial need of a Saviour.

But Christ’s teaching and example permeated everyday culture and taught what we all need, the fundamentals of civilised behaviour. It taught there is a moral code and there is an Omnipotence who judges by his code.

How can any one fault or gainsay the example and teaching of Jesus Christ ?

Historically the rulers and officials of the United Kingdom and of its colonies were taught this ethic. This ethic permeated the culture in which they were born, grew up and operated. At the very least, men understood that the truth is fundamental and that justice can only be done by reference to objective truth – not personal prejudice, personal perception, personal ideology.

Fundamental to all else was a sense of individual responsibility for sin, and individual responsibility to tell the truth. Individual responsibility before the All knowing and Almighty God who will requite us according to our deeds.

Personal responsibility before an Objective, Moral God who determines our Ethics. He alone has the right to do that; he alone set the example of supreme condescension by dying like a traitor on a cross.

God our Creator abases himself; God himself shows respect for the totally unworthy –  a love so sublime, God dies to save the utterly unworthy from their unworthiness.

But with what Superior Wisdom have we now replaced this transcendent example of moral conduct ?

  1. There is no God who loves you

  2. you are therefore alone

  3. you are therefore your own god

  4. you are therefore perfectly justified in whatever you think is right to do

The problem is not now the sin in our own hearts – the sin which God came to solve at the cross. The problem is now the state of the world around us. Now,  someone else is always the cause of the problem, not me !

I am right,  so you must be wrong because you don’t see it my way.

Sin and guilt are removed from the heart of each one of us; and in the Marxist mindset so prevalent today, the sin and guilt of the human condition belong to the despicable exploiting minority called Capitalists.

I don’t doubt the sin of many so called ‘capitalists’. Nor their greed; nor their abuse of their power; nor the need to bring their excesses into line. Nor do I doubt the history of socialism  which records that dictators espousing Karl Marx are among the worst mass murderers in history.

But the moment I as an individual start excusing my sin and blaming someone else because they sin too, I have abolished the very essence of morality. I have abolished the very basis of civilised behaviour. You are wrong because I am right – not because God is right.

Ethics has ceased to be an objective code and standard for all behaviour; morality is now my personal property.

The fruit of that is evident. Not just in crime levels like stabbings, but in the mentality of politicians. They justify their lies and their arrogance by selecting and twisting the truth. They usurp God’s place in the determination of perception and ethics.

So, 17.4 million Leave voters are deceived saps, or neo-Nazis; but they are civilised and intelligent – they know better, and they must set it right. They act like god in their own life, so they can act like god for everyone.

The facts don’t count any more. What I want matters. You don’t matter because my arrogant Ego is now my moral compass.  Ergo you are wrong, and you must be corrected. Your views don’t count.

You don’t believe in the great Ideal of Love and Peace according to the cult of Europa. You have not been initiated into the New Wisdom; you are still deceived. You still live in the wicked past of nations and Church. You haven’t seen the Truth. You are ignorant of the blessings in the cult of Europa.

And Europa says, I can do as I please but infidels can’t !

Ray Catlin

By Conservatism Institute

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