A Plutocrat in Ten Downing Street ?

The dismissal of the UK Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson throws into relief the fundamental threat to democratic politics in the United Kingdom today.

Mr Williamson was summarily dismissed by Prime Minister Theresa May last week. An enquiry by Britain’s most senior civil servant had resulted in Mr Williamson being identified as the source of a leak from top secret meetings of the National Security Council.

The Council was informed last month about the May government’s plans to involve Chinese Tech giant Huawei in aspects of the provision of 5G in the UK. But Britain’s ‘Five Eyes’ partners, Australia, New Zealand and the USA have already banned Huawei from any involvement in their 5G programmes, and Canada is expected to do the same.

Their concern is that Chinese companies are too close to the Chinese Government, and that Huawei systems will be at the disposal of the Chinese government. Given the recent introduction of the totalitarian Social Credit system in China, there are extremely good reasons for western nations to be wary of official Chinese thinking and practice.

But the May government has secretly decided that Huawei can be involved in certain aspects of 5G in the UK, and so was embarrassed when someone leaked that possibility to the media. The leaker must have been critically placed to know the content of the National Security Council’s deliberations.

Britain’s most senior  Civil Servant, Mark Sedwill, then conducted a secret internal investigation and pointed the finger at Mr Williamson. So Mrs May told Williamson to resign or else be sacked.  He refused, saying that he was innocent of the charge. She then dismissed him.

Mr Williamson, however, continues to declare in the strongest possible terms that he is wrongly accused; that there was a plot to get rid of him; and that he continues to be subject to a smear campaign. He has called for a police investigation and for the publication of the Sedwill enquiry’s findings, confident of his innocence.

These are the salient matters as reported in the media.

This ongoing scandal speaks volumes about the lying, hypocrisy and treachery at the highest level in the British government – and gives a clue as to what is behind it…

Firstly, either Mr Williamson or Mrs May is lying. They cannot both be right. There is a straight choice here, with no room for spin or nuance.

Therefore, we have prima facie evidence of a senior Cabinet minister telling a bare faced lie. We have yet to find out which of them is the liar, but given Mrs May’s track record on Brexit, Mr Williamson has the edge in the credibility stakes.

On Brexit, Mrs May has stated publicly over 100 times that the UK would leave the EU on March 29th 2019. But it was Mrs May and no-one else who stopped that happening by requesting the EU to agree to  postpone the date of departure – and she did so twice.

That postponement is now the subject of a legal challenge by the English Democrats Party.

But that is not the worst of it. It is evident that the May government is using the classic black arts technique of distraction from the fundamental issue.

The fundamental issue here is that there is a serious risk to UK security posed by a Chinese tech company; that a UK government is entertaining such a risk;  and that the government in question calls itself Conservative – ie Right Wing.

No Right wing government would place national security at such risk. All governments of whatever political persuasion have a primary duty for the security of their citizens and their country. That duty is particularly fundamental to any government of a truly Right wing perspective and conviction.

But yet again, Mrs May has made a matter of national security a purely economic question. She did so two years ago when she gave the green light to massive Chinese investment in the new Nuclear electricity generating plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset, south west England.

One seriously begins to wonder whether her banker husband has more influence on her official decision making than her own political party or her Duty to the UK as its  Prime Minister.

Even worse, Theresa May has used her office to prepare to subordinate all UK intelligence and military capabilities to the EU.

Such Security subordination is unprecedented. It did not exist at the time the UK electorate voted to Leave the EU on June 23rd 2016; it has been secretly negotiated since, in complete defiance of that vote to Leave. In both her Withdrawal Deal and her Declaration on the Future relationship with the EU, this “partnership” is referred to in generalities but not spelt out …

She is, in fact,  planning the complete integration and subordination of our most essential means of security. She is not just neglecting the first duty of government, she is actively undermining it.

She is therefore a Traitor to her country in the classic understanding of that term and its use.

But by sacking Williamson over a leak of information from the National Security Council she demonstrates her hypocrisy. She claims the moral high ground by presenting herself as desperately concerned for the confidentiality of our government’s most sensitive information.  But she is herself the greatest threat we have to that very security – witness the decisions she has taken with regard to the EU and to Chinese companies.

Therefore she wants all the focus on a scapegoat, and on talk about a non issue. The leak concerned a highly suspect policy decision, not a State secret.

Mrs May is evidently adept in the black arts of Machiavelli’s book, The Prince.

In that book, Machiavelli explains how no treachery and no deceit can be beyond the politician who wishes to maintain themselves in power.

Power is won and kept by the person prepared to be the most ruthless and immoral. Literally. And in this post Christian age, such thinking is given free rein.

Which brings me to two critical observations.

Firstly, the Materialism underlying both Socialism and Corporate Big Business has displaced Christianity as our national religion and cornerstone of moral reference.

Secondly, government  decision-making in favour of Big Corporate interests in direct contravention of fundamental national security is not democracy, but Plutocracy   


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