Making a mockery of democracy

I have just received my postal ballot for the EU elections on May 23rd. Shall I vote, or shall I state my objections ?

How can we participate in an election for an organisation we voted to Leave almost 3 years ago ? Why are we being asked to go through with this immoral, and possibly illegal act ?

Answer – Because the spirit of the authoritarian, continental tradition is ruling over the mindset of our libertarian national tradition. It is aided by human conduits in high places, notably in the Cabinet, in the top civil service and in parliament.

It is an intolerant cult, as we have all witnessed.  And like all cults, its adherents live in a state of deception. They actually believe that black is white, and that white is black, despite all the evidence before their eyes.

Key people are given over to this religious idea and its values. That is why May sought not one, but two extensions – the first for  2 weeks, the second for 3 months which became 6 months by EU fiat. It was granted to enable her to get the  Integration without Representation Betrayal ‘deal’ passed by parliament, or by referendum.

October 31st is a mirage.

Why will we leave on October 31st 2019 when we did not leave on March 29th, or April 12th ?

Just look how easy it has been to get people to accept the idea of voting on May 23rd. Just look at the number of people and parties standing. There are eleven parties and individual candidates on my ballot paper. Just look at how the media is full of the assumption that this election is moral, legal and politically acceptable.

In reality, participation in these EU elections is acceptance of an agenda to betray the legitimacy of the 3rd June 2016 Brexit Vote. But where in the media or politics is this discussed ?

Where in the media is the ongoing court case brought by the English Democrats for a judicial review of May’s immoral extension. The case is going ahead, claiming the UK  actually left on March 29th 2019. 

The link is below if you would like to contribute to their funds for this critical case.

Do pass it on to as many people as you can.

But this neglect of such a fundamental constitutional legal challenge tells us volumes about the MSM today.

The main stream media today is in thrall to a single worldview dictated by the same cultish spirit which blinds so many highly educated politicians and civil servants.

It has ignored and abused all our constitutional constraints. It has allowed a rogue Prime Minister to remain in office. It has got people running round standing for election to a talk shop parlement in Strasbourg and Brussels.

The traditional continental parliamentary tradition is a joke. Ours is not ! Or it wasn’t up until the election of the Heath government in 1970. On the continent, parliaments were traditionally talk shops – consultative bodies with varying degrees of power depending on the country and the century.

But our parliamentary tradition went from strength to strength persistently over several centuries. Every gain was locked in and added to the power of parliament. Up until our accession to the European Project, that is, when a revolutionary reversal took place.

The EU ‘parliament’ is constituted according to the continental mindset and tradition. Which is why it is a talk shop and rubber stamp for the torrent of legislation coming out of the Brussels Bureaucracy.

Which is why electing anyone there is a waste of time. The entire contingent of UK MEPs after the May 23rd 2019 elections could be Brexit supporting, but it won’t make a blind bit of difference to Brexit. All it will do is corral and contain the Brexit vote. It will act like a lightning conductor – effectively earthing all the energy behind the Vote, rendering it harmless.

Yes, it may well boost the Brexit party at the next General Election. But that will split the Right wing vote, and allow a Labour government.

Yes, Nigel Farage will shout long and hard about Establishment Treachery. But what will it actually do ?


As Theresa May has demonstrated, the EUtopia  blinded politician just carries on. They are impervious to the fact that their position is democratically tenuous. They don’t care. In previous generations, a politician in May’s place would have gone by now – Thatcher did – because they had the mindset and mentality of democratic politics.

All that has changed after being in the EEC/EC/EU for a generation now. As long as EUtopians have access to power, they will use it. They have no democratic sensitivity whatsoever.

This the mindset of an Authoritarian and Arrogant Cult.

If you do not share their worldview, you are irrelevant. Your views don’t count. You don’t count. You cannot be allowed to influence the agenda because you are not a member of the True Way.

And why has this happened ?

Why in this country boasting the mother of parliaments, could our parliament be subjected to a dictatorial foreign power ?

Because we lost THE moral and spiritual reference point which gave us our unique constitutional tradition in the first place.


The 1689 constitutional settlement which placed the Executive power finally and irrevocably under parliament was implemented by men convinced of our Magna Carta tradition and convinced of our Protestant Christian religion. That religion says we each individually answer for our actions to the God of the Bible.

The EU and its priesthood deny this God, and assert in his place the god of Self – their Creed is the Rights of Man.

Well, as the prophet Jeremiah so pertinently records:

The heart is deceitful above all, and desperately wicked: who can know it ?

I the LORD search the heart …

Until we restore in our national life and culture that fundamental sense of individual responsibility to our Maker and our Judge, we will be ruled by the worshippers of Self and subjected to their Deceitful ways.

Ray Catlin

Donations to support the Judicial Review case by the English Democrats can be made at

For the media blackout on the case and further information, see

For a summary article with full links to documentary evidence about the arrogance and strategy of the EU and UK submission, see Timothy Bradshaw’s post at Conservative Woman,

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