Marxist tolerance to Trump

“He’s very much not welcome in a tolerant place like London” said Labour’s Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad on the BBC Radio 4’s ‘Broadcasting House’ this morning.

She was of course talking about this week’s State visit by Donald Trump.

He’s very much not welcome in a tolerant place like London“.

The comment betrays the speaker’s mindset. Its prejudice, its hypocrisy, its arrogance.

It is typical of today’s Left dominated BBC – which is why the controversial Coad was given a platform on the Broadcasting House programme this morning. The BBC is practised in the art of selecting interviews which promote its own PC agenda as proper, correct and true.

Coad’s intolerance while talking of tolerance is typical of the twisted logic of the politically correct worldview.

It is a totalitarian worldview. It assumes the moral high ground, and passes judgement on others according to its own twisted and prejudiced image of them. Objective truth has no part to play. In fact, objective truth is what they say it should be …

Now, I learnt a long time ago, that if you want to get at the truth, you need to look at an event or a person [or group] from more than one standpoint. At the end of the day, your evaluation may come down emphatically on one side, or it may reserve judgement to await further evidence, or it may say that, on balance, one side is more right than the other.

Most of us have our predispositions and our views; but most of us are realistic and civilised enough to recognise that the world is full of different opinions and,  while we may disagree, others are entitled to their position. We are fundamentally tolerant, and that tolerance is a fundamental characteristic of the essentially English outlook – an outlook evidenced by the fact that many have fled persecution elsewhere to find sanctuary in England, over many centuries.

FACT. The learned Jewish thinker, Karl Marx spent many years researching and writing up his revolutionary ideas in the sanctuary of London. He died and is buried there. An atheistic Jew in the capital of a nation whose official religious and cultural heritage was Protestant Christianity.


But that historic fact is inconvenient to the politically correct worldview because it is evidence which exposes their ideological straightjacket – their quintessentially Marxist paradigm.

While our Protestant Christian tradition tolerated and gave sanctuary to an atheist thinker like Marx, the disciples of Marx do not reciprocate. They are deeply intolerant.

They are intolerant because their system of thought promotes intolerance. And they are incapable of assessing the evidence impartially and with due circumspection because their system of thought has already determined what the truth is …

In their worldview, there is always a set context and a set interpretation. The context is always the struggle of the oppressed against the exploiting class. The interpretation of any particular then follows inevitably.

Capitalist, colonialist White Men have done all the damage in the world. Now the oppressed are to overthrow them, make them pay and thereby right all the wrongs.

Of course, you can always look at history and find examples of just what they claim. But you can also look at history and find examples of capitalist white men who were not what they claim.

Just as you can look at the world today, as well as at history, and find examples of evil committed by black men, yellow men, brown men – and indeed by women.

Because I can find examples of people in non White races who have offended against common human decency – or people of other religions or other political beliefs  – I am not about to commit the gross error of logic and condemn all people in each of those categories.

But this form of simplistic generalisation is what the Marxist mindset does. And it does so by abusing and twisting the paradigm of Christianity.

Instead of all human beings being sinners before a righteous but loving God, certain human beings are now the sinners, while all the rest are the righteous.

Therefore, certain people are always wrong whatever they do, and certain people are always right – whatever they do, good or bad. So we got decades of gang grooming of young white girls deliberately ignored by the authorities, until common sense finally got a look in… And that of course revealed the internal inconsistency  of their system of thought because it set the righteous against the righteous – the feminist lobby against the racial minority lobby.

Instead of a righteous and loving God in heaven watching all we do, and telling us that he will reward us according to our behaviour, we have an impersonal Ideology with a new moral agenda to govern our thoughts: an ideology whose adherents have appointed themselves to police our consciences, even though they weren’t invited to do so, even though they have no earthly right to do so.

That policing of  the public conscience led directly to the failure of police and social services to intervene on behalf of vulnerable girls at risk from systematic abuse by grooming gangs.

They had censored out Magna Carta- to no-one will we sell, to no-one will we deny or delay right or justice. They had eliminated all our past culture and sense of justice, and replaced it with their twisted religious belief in the inherent rightness of some, and the inherent wickedness of others.

Christianity of course teaches that we are all sinners, therefore we are all capable of wrong;  that we are all made in the image of God and so are all capable of doing good. Our race and our sex have absolutely nothing to do with it …

And that had traditionally informed our Judicial thinking and practice.

Being made in the image of God, we understood that respect is due to all God’s creatures, regardless of who they are, regardless of where they are from, regardless of what they believe, regardless of whether we like them or not.

And that respect starts with an understanding that each of us is capable of the bad we see in others – so a little personal humility and tolerance of others does not go amiss.

Whether I like the President of the United States or not, he will be a guest in our country. No different from the heads of State re which I personally have more serious reservations, like China or Saudi Arabia …

The only alternative to such common civility is outright hostility. And where does that get us ?

But for the acolytes of the Marxist PC cult, it is always, on all occasions their absolute and divinely ordained duty to police everyone else’s conscience according to their sacred and solely legitimate world view.

And that is what makes them such insufferable, and dangerous people. They are so wrong yet believe themselves to be so right !

Ray Catlin

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