Commons or Cummings ?

“Commons or Cummings ?”.

That was the question posed by the BBC on its Radio 4 programme Broadcasting House, Sunday 11th August 2019.

Dominic Cummings is senior adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Johnson tasked Cummings to help expedite Brexit. Cummings was the Director of the successful ‘Vote Leave’ campaign in the run up to the 2016 UK referendum on membership of the European Union. He is therefore the devil incarnate to diehard Remainers.

“Commons or Cummings?” – a snappy, alliterative title for a piece about the current power struggle in British politics.

That is how the BBC would have us perceive the situation. They are, of course, trying to dictate to our minds their perspective and their parameters for the debate.

“Commons or Cummings ?”.

On the one hand the representatives of our democracy. The champions of our traditional system of parliamentary democracy, our freedoms and our rights. On the other, some un-elected bureaucrat with undue influence on Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Cummings, the leave fanatic who will stop at nothing to get his way, including the subversion of our democracy.

This narrative is yet more evidence of the Remain Campaign waged by the BBC  since before the 2016 Referendum; a campaign ramped up with renewed vigour since the appointment of Boris Johnson as a  Prime Minister committed to Brexit on October 31st 2019 – Deal or No Deal.

For the Remain minded BBC, civil servants and politicians, reality must now be distorted and reinvented according to their perception and perspective on how things ought to be. Because Johnson and Cummings must not succeed.

We ought to be in the European Union, and the Referendum was a tragic mistake. The British people have been conned and lied to. All we hold precious and dear will be trashed and Armageddon will ensue when we leave the EU. We will return to the nightmare world of competing nation states where war, racism and hate rule – just look at Nazi Germany.

Such is the simplistic prejudice of the Remainiac. A simplistic prejudice which edits out the Imperial ambitions of the EU actively preparing since 2017 for a EUropean Army and Secret Service.

“Commons or Cummings”  –  democracy and sanity versus lies, insanity and Autocracy.

That may be how the Remainiac editorial staff at the BBC see it. That may be fundamental, indisputable truth in their eyes.

But it’s not the reality.

And holding to reality is not just fundamental to successful politics. It is Right wing politics.

What does the record of the last THREE YEARS actually say ?

Parliament has spent 3 years  hashing over this issue – that is 3 years to decide what to do as a result of the Brexit vote; the issue itself was under their consideration since the 2015 General election, over four years ago.

Not only has Parliament had 4 years of this issue, it also passed the Referendum Act 2015. Parliament then passed the law authorising the Prime Minister to give notice of leaving the EU under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. Parliament subsequently passed yet another Act to withdraw the UK from the EU, ostensibly on March 29th 2019.

It was the elected chamber of Parliament which voted on 3 separate occasions against the Withdrawal Deal Theresa May had ‘negotiated’ with the EU.

Parliament itself has repeatedly rejected what the EU is prepared to offer – non negotiable and final by the terms of the extension to October 31st.

Yet parliament maintains that the UK cannot leave the EU without a Deal.

This is patent tergiversation.

They know full well that they are weaponising this question of a Deal with the EU to stop Brexit.

The majority of Members of Parliament do not respect the Brexit vote, but need to be seen to respect it. They don’t want Brexit, but they cannot be seen to oppose the Brexit Referendum vote.

Several Conservative and former Conservative MPs lied to their constituencies in order to keep their position and pursue a Stop Brexit agenda. Dominic Grieve is one prominent name. He told his constituency association that he would respect the 2016 Brexit vote but has persistently acted to stop Brexit.

The issue is not a dictatorial government over-ruling a democratic parliament. The issue is about individual members of parliament defrauding their party and their electorate. The issue is about the number of these hypocrites who want to disrupt proper, coherent parliamentary proceedings to trash Brexit.

Parliamentary Democracy is not under attack from an undemocratic Executive. The reality is the reverse. A democratic Executive is under attack from a parliament behaving un-democratically.

For the last THREE YEARS, the Remain minded parliament has had a Remain minded Executive.

This Brexit minded Executive has only come to office because the previous Executive was exposed for what it was – Remainiac. Theresa May brought her party to the brink of extinction by her policy; she also brought our democracy to the brink as well.

Boris Johnson is in Number 10 Downing Street because the UK electorate rejected a Conservative party which promised Brexit, but refused to deliver.

The disastrous results for the ruling Conservative party in the local elections in May 2019 and the European parliamentary elections 3 weeks later, convinced Conservative MPs that their party was about to be destroyed by this issue.

Their only way out was a new leader committed to Brexit. And despite the hostility of most MPs to Boris Johnson, they voted for him as leader and therefore Prime Minister. Why ? Because he is seen as the only person capable of winning the next General election against the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

So talk about adviser Dominic Cummings imposing Brexit on an unwilling nation is plain nonsense.

The real issue is Ideologically obsessed MPs opposed to the democratic decision of the Brexit vote in June 2016.

The real issue is a Media imposing false, propagandic perspectives like “Commons or Cummings?”

This cavalier attitude to truth is poisoning the culture of our politics.

Propagandists of a false and simplistic worldview which refuses to accept reality are the problem.

The real question for our democracy today is:

“Reality or Propaganda?”

Ray Catlin

By Conservatism Institute

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