Brexit Now and Brexit in Truth !

United Kingdom General Election result December 12th 2019:

365 seats for the Conservatives; 285 seats for all others: Conservative majority = 80

Turnout = 67.3% of the Registered electorate of 47,587,254

Labour voters in Labour heartlands have not just told the ideologues where to get off. By switching to the Conservative party, they have also just saved our parliamentary democracy.  

Ordinary people watching the antics of the Westminster bubble and the North London Socialist set over the last 3 years have delivered their verdict and shown their faith in our democracy. The nation voted for Brexit in 2016 – now get on with it.

We could all see the Remainiac cult in Westminster trying to overturn Brexit and with it our democracy – all the while claiming to save us from our evil nationalist selves. We have all had to stand by and watch for over 3 years while the Remainiac Establishment in politics and civil service pulled every stunt in the book to get their way to try and destroy the 2016 Brexit Vote. They have done appalling things in parliament and in the sEUpreme court.

Boris Johnson’s government must now therefore bring forward legislation to repeal the Fixed Term Parliaments Act and to abolish the disastrous and ideological Supreme Court created by Tony Blair and packed with Politically Correct Leftist lawyers.

At the same time they need to eradicate the PC culture in the judicial appointments committee and completely overhaul how we appoint our judges. We need lawyers who know and appreciate the value of our centuries old English legal system and its critical contribution to liberty in this world. We do not need ideological appointments with ideological agendas. 

And legislation to define the proper bounds of Judicial Review. Judicial Review exists to protect the citizen against bureaucratic abuse – it is not there to enable an extremist faction to subvert our Constitution and overturn the decisions of the Ballot Box.

Such  reforms are URGENT.

Boris Johnson’s 80 seat Conservative party majority endorses his vital return to traditional patriotism within that party, and endorses his expulsion of the Centrist Liberal interlopers who had infiltrated the upper echelons over many years.

Yes, we need “one nation” conservatism; but we need it with a Right wing perspective and approach. We do not need the credulous, PC fawning, fearful compromise and submission we have been forced to witness in recent years – nb the atrocious assault on Boris Johnson re anecdotal remarks over Islamic dress. His comments were completely wrenched out of their original well meaning, libertarian context by the psychological fascists of the self appointed PC police.

Will this Conservative government now ditch the nascent, misnamed ‘Counter Extremism Commission’ whose actual agenda is to eradicate anything remotely Right wing and embed the extreme of political correctness in every area of our society ?

This Conservative election victory also confirms the rejection of the hard Left, unrealistic total Nanny State politics of Jeremy Corbyn.  His public spending schemes were out of the Marxist ark and his past political relationships were serious reputational baggage.

Will the PC establishment now realise that the British people are not extremist or ideological in their politics; that they have a common-sense and pragmatic view; that they are essentially small ‘c’ conservative in temperament and suspicious of specious Ideals like the EU.

In reality, the European Union is a Franco-German project for their own European hegemony. Just  within recent weeks, the French and German governments have taken major joint initiatives to drive the EU agenda their way: from their joint trade delegation to China this autumn, to establishing their joint initiative for European databases, to negotiating with Russia over Ukraine. Just where is the practice of their own submission to the European Union in all this ? They constantly profess the Ideal, yet act bi-laterally to commit Europe to their joint agenda.

And with reference to our relationship with the EU, there is still a great deal to do – a great deal to recover from Theresa May’s disastrous submission of UK negotiations to the EU’s agenda to discourage any other nation from ever even thinking of Exiting the EU empire, and to destroying our economic independence –  because UK independence will show up the manifest shortcomings of their Statist-Corporatist Economy.

Prime Minister Johnson must be very clear about what his “Brexit Now” mandate means – and it is far more than ensuring UK Withdrawal by 31st January 2020.

It means unpicking all the insidious intrusions of the Remainiac mindset which led not only to all the delay and confusion of the last 3+ years, but also to increased EU integration of UK Intelligence and Military systems since the June 2016 Brexit decision. 

This government must:

  • get us unequivocally out of PESCO and every other aspect of military integration with the EU
  • disentangle MI5 and MI6 from their EUropean counterparts
  • be more than willing to forsake a Trade deal which does not fully meet our national needs – ie NO Deal – remember the EU refused in 2017 the obvious and necessary step of negotiating a Trade Deal alongside our Withdrawal agreement
  • absolutely refuse any residual influence of the misnamed ECJ – the European Court of Justice charged to ensure EU integration
  • refuse all participation in any of the EU institutions or programmes – we know definitively from the last 3 years that these always come at the price of submission to their mindset, their institutions and their rules, along with mandatory contributions to their budgets
  • totally remove UK fisheries from EU intrusion

Whatever happens, we must be free and trading independently with the EU by the close of 2020.

It is high time the United Kingdom reaped the dividends from Brexit and stopped dancing to the EU tempo and tune. 

But new domestic problems are already on the horizon. With 48 of Scotland’s 59 seats, the Scottish Nationalists will undoubtedly seek another Independence Referendum; and the loss of two DUP seats at Westminster signals the changing demographics of Northern Ireland and its inexorable reintegration with the South.

The potential break up of the United Kingdom is in prospect.

Is anybody facing up to this possibility, let alone preparing for it ?


Ray Catlin










By Conservatism Institute

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