Trial by Media puts Media on trial

“This mess has been a significant distraction”, said Laura Kuenssberg the Political Editor for BBC News this morning. One man and his family are “far from the most important thing”, she said by reference to Boris Johnson’s key adviser, Dominic Cummings and the hue and cry over Cumming’s trip from London to Durham 27th March to April 13th 2020 during a period of severe travel restrictions.

Official advice at the time was that people should stay at home and not travel at all in order to make the Covid 19 quarantine measures effective. Cummings as the UK Prime Minister’s most senior adviser was a key figure in drawing up official guidance. The issue is therefore: one law for the population and another for people in government.

The issue has obsessed the British media for 5 days now and could well continue. Their objective is Cumming’s scalp – he must be forced out of government. They have already deemed that Cummings is guilty of  unacceptable hypocrisy and undermining public confidence in government guidelines. There are even scientists saying people will die as a result of Cummings bad example because now ordinary people will start using their own judgement and break the quarantine restrictions.

Kuenssberg’s comments this morning come the day after Cummings held a press conference about last month’s Durham trip.

Kuenssberg herself was first up to quiz Cummings at the conference yesterday. Both her question and tone suggested that she was campaigning to unmask Cummings as a hypocrite and force his exit from government. This morning, however, having digested his explanation of yesterday,  she talked about “a mess”, about “significant distraction” and stated that the Cummings issue was “far from the most important thing.”


Along with all the other senior political reporters, Laura Kuenssberg is GUILTY of hyping the issue about Cummings; of creating the “significant distraction” about a matter which is “far from the most important thing”.

Her own words condemn her – not mine, or any one else’s. Her own words with regard to the issue of the last 5 days which the media made their number One story: Dominic Cummings the unacceptable hypocrite must resign.

The main stream media in Britain charged Dominic Cummings; then they prosecuted,  judged and sentenced him. No defence possible. They did not even observe the elementary, legally required minimum of the man’s own explanation of events. What is more, they circulated false stories and complete misinterpretations about the man. They played prosecution; they played jury; and they played trial and sentencing Judge.

And what are the precious Rules, the critical Principles by which the main stream media conduct themselves – all of which were in evidence this last weekend regarding Cummings ?

  1.  the Scoop – being 1st either to “get the story” or else to put that critical question which breaks the victim down and precipitates his dismissal
  2.  the Sensation – stoking the issue with whatever rubbish comes to hand, just so long as the story plays and grabs people’s attention [as my  journalism lecturer taught us – “never let the truth ruin a good story“]
  3.  the Sacred Narrative – the persistent promulgation of the MSM’s Truth, critical to which is the doctrine of Internationalism, and specifically the necessity of rEUmain

Thus the “3 pillars” of Responsible Journalism and Righteous Justice in Britain today.

The tremendous responsibility on this man’s shoulders; the desperate worry for his family; his dreadful experience of the illness to which his workplace had exposed him; his publicly declared and longstanding record of sincere concern for proper, effective democratic government; his championing the NHS; his remarkable insights, strategic understanding, experience and skills which this government desperately needs – none of this counted in his defence.


Because Dominic Cummings was a key figure in the Leave campaign in the 2016 Brexit Referendum, and because Dominic Cummings remains a key figure in the accomplishment of Brexit. Knock out Cummings, and you also undermine the Prime Minister’s credibility and authority; that in turn undermines Johnson’s Brexit stance.

And the accomplishment of Brexit is now at a critical stage. That is why the Witch Hunt around Dominic Cummings truly is a “significant distraction”. Indeed the state of Trade Negotiations with the EU is one of those “most important” things to which Laura Kuenssberg refers.

Apart from Covid 19 itself and the unknown consequences of lockdown,  other far more important things include Nigel Farage’s allegations of HMG connivance with the French government to escort illegal immigrants across the Channel into the UK during the Covid 19 crisis.. 

Internationally there is the now critical state of Hong Kong. Critical because the Chinese government is again about to assert its power against the rest of the world by reneging on the 1997 Agreement with the UK and absorbing the colony. This has major repercussions for the previously “free” Hong Kong, but also particularly for the ability of the rest of the world to contain the hegemonic pretensions of the current Chinese government.

And the Covid 19 crisis has revealed China to be the vital factory of the world’s goods, including PPE.

Yes, Laura, there are far more important matters with far more fundamental repercussions than Dominic Cummings management of his family and professional life.

Which begs the question. Why were none of these far more significant issues preoccupying the British MSM this last weekend ?

Why were the atrocious, insulting, demeaning, unprecedented and totally unreasonable  demands of the EU in the trade negotiations for a deal from 1st January 2021 not placed under the spotlight by British main stream media ?

Why was the assault on the rule of law via officially sanctioned illegal immigration into the UK not being thoroughly investigated ?

Why are the deeply disturbing pretensions of the Chinese government not being examined by the British MSM ?

Because the priorities of the British MSM are not the rule of law, nor the true fundamental welfare and interests of the British people.

That is because the British MSM is culturally and subconsciously addicted to the 3 pillars of partisanship stated above.

Without men like Dominic Cummings at the heart of government, that will never improve.

Ray Catlin

Dominic Cumming’s one hour press conference [15 minute statement + 45 minutes Q&A ] is on You Tube at

Laura Kuenssberg’s comments this morning are at 2 hours 10 minutes in – just before the Gove interview at

A copy of HM Government email of 19th May 2020 to Michel Barnier EU negotiator re HMG position at this critical stage outlining the EU’s insults is at

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