Time to expose Covid scare

The fragility of our liberty is demonstrated by government reactions to Covid 19. What amounts to a serious annual flu epidemic is being treated as medieval plague. It is no such thing. Rational, proportionate thinking has given place to panic among politicians accustomed to whitewashing their image. Governments of open free democratic nations no longer recognise the constraints that should apply to themselves.

In the months before Covid 19 became highlighted in the media, the prestigious Oxford Martin Institute published a blog post. [link below]

The post cites 2015,  a year illustrating the phenomenon of exponential population growth. The figures for world births, deaths and net world population increase are indicative and informative. The writer provides us with the following world figures for 2015: 

  • 141 million births, less
  • 57 million deaths =
  • 84 million net Increase in world population in just one year alone

World population was then around the 7 billion mark, that is 7,000,000,000 or 7,000 million. 

Now compare the latest global statistics for Covid 19 infections and deaths. [link below – figures based on World Health Organisation reports]. As at 10th September 2020 

  1. recorded Coronovirus cases globally  = 28,056,120 [just over 28 million]
  2. recorded Coronovirus deaths globally  = 908,651 [ie less than a million]

It does not require a degree in mathematics to realise  that the Covid 19 problem concerns a tiny fraction of the world population, and that the survival of the human race is by no means at stake. Normal death rates exceed 50 million per year, globally. 

28 million Covid 19  infections concern just 0.36% of the world’s current estimated 7.8 billion population. Of that tiny proportion of people infected, the number of deaths  represents yet a further fraction of just 3.24%. Assuming Covid 19 deaths reach 1 million, what proportion is 1 million of the worlds entire 7.8 billion people alive today ?

Just 0.013%

Yet this is being treated like medieval plague when populations were culled by as much as one THIRD that is 33.333%.

All those clever graduates in the main stream media have swallowed this nonsense whole. At least that’s how they write it up. Hype in journalism has displaced clear rational thinking and all sense of telling the truth – ie the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The whole truth, of course, is the standard required from witnesses in a court of law.  A place where real issues and real people are judged and given real sentences with real life consequences. Philosophical excuses about ‘What is truth’ do not apply in a court of law, nor should they in the media. 

There is an extremely serious moral point to be made here. This refusal to view events in proportion is one of the dangerous real life consequences of excising from our cultural consciousness the simple but essential Christian doctrine Thou shalt not bear false witness 

The removal of Christianity as the basis of moral teaching and law is the accomplishment of Materialism – the religion of the western Intelligentsia today which denies the existence of  an objective all powerful Creator, Sustainer and Judge. We are now our own gods; just look where it is leading …

Of course the retort will be that quarantine measures have staunched losses which would have been far worse. 

Really !

I know from witnesses who suffered the disease that Covid 19 was already circulating in England in early December 2019. We know that it was endemic in Huanan at that time. Which means it was already circulating in China. Which means that it was being spread around the world in late 2019. Scheduled flights out of China carried on right up to the first imposition of quarantine measure in Europe in March 2020 ie months after it was already endemic in China…

Harvard research indicates a problem was evident in China in August 2019 – link below. 

So it has been out there for a year, circulating freely and globally.  Quarantine measures were already too late to stop it. 

All of which leads me to this conclusion.

There does indeed today exist a very dangerous disease, but it is not Covid 19. It is far worse. It is far, far worse  because it touches everyone in their every day lives and in their fundamental liberties. It is a disease I would call

Covid FEAR fever

It is not a life threatening physical disease but a deeply disturbing psychological state of mind. It is infecting governments, politicians and media across the world. It is a serious problem. It is causing those infected to take measures out of all proportion to the actual threat posed by the physical malady called Covid 19. 

For example, the UK government is to give police in England the power to enter private domestic premises to enforce the 6 person limit on gatherings from Monday the 14th September 2020. They are preparing to increase the number of public health officials for policing purposes. In addition,  an entirely new Marshall service is being created to enforce restrictions in public places. [link below] 

Now, I don’t subscribe to Conspiracy Theories.  No doubt there are powerful people and groups who want to control the rest of us to their ends. One notes that the pharmaceutical industry must be salivating over the idea of a market of 7,800,000,000 people for Covid 19 vaccine. But I don’t believe that even the inordinately powerful petro-chemical industry can actually control a world of nearly 8 billion people with all the varied and conflicting forces and interests. 

I do not doubt the existence of Covid 19, or the figures published. 

But nor do I doubt the capacity of human nature to be deceived and misled; to fear; to want to do something in the face of tragedy; to be desperate to protect their own reputations; to get matters completely out of perspective. 

I have not the slightest doubt that when placed into a historical perspective in years to come, the reaction of governments to Covid 19 will be seen to have been completely disproportionate – and dangerously so when the range of economic and civil liberties issues are also considered.  

That the unintentional – but actual – attack on our freedom will be seen as appalling. 

This platform advocates the vital need to restore a  Christian culture in society, media, politics and economics. It advocates the centrality of the political philosophy expressed in  Magna Carta in the 13th century.  

Magna Carta was for centuries seen as the proven and vital cornerstone of our constitution. But today it is sidelined and ignored. Dangerously so. 

Magna Carta stands for the vital constraint of Executive power. It stands for the submission of the most powerful interests to a code of conduct. It demands that authority and power act in the wider interest, not just self interest.

In today’s world, I extend that principle to all powerful bodies with the capacity to dictate the terms of our lives – to the mega multi-national businesses more powerful than many States. Just what is the influence of the mighty pharmaceutical industry in all the hype about Covid 19

Once again we see that the traditional and proven ways provide a sure foundation for our liberties. That telling the truth matters. 

And one truth that now needs to be told is this.

It is time to expose this Covid 19 obsession for what it is: Covid FEAR fever ! 

Ray Catlin





Ray Catlin blogs about Brexit issues at http://expatforbrexit.wordpress.com

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