this Religion practised by an Enlightened Intelligentsia demands too great a sacrifice

Yesterday was Black Friday, the day sales promotions abound and shoppers go on a spending spree in the final run-up to Christmas, now a festival of indulgence not a celebration of Christ’s coming.

Originating in the United States, Black Friday has become a commercial holy day in the 21st century. As such it characterises the state of western society; it provides a telling indication of our historical identity

Having been subjected to the systematic removal of Christianity as its moral  inspiration and cultural identity in the last two centuries, Western society now officially adheres to the religion of Materialism – what Jesus Christ termed “Mammon”. 

For example, we no longer celebrate Sunday as a day of rest when we recognise our debt of gratitude to a caring Creator and Sustainer. Instead we indulge yet another day spending and acquiring in the Temples of Mammon. 

According to this new Creed, we are just a bundle of atoms which somehow assembled themselves together to become living beings. Ergo, our values and ambitions become whatever enhances and stimulates the pleasure of that assemblage of atoms: sex, passion, indulgence of every conceivable kind. Our needs and wants are now our main preoccupation and our central point of moral reference – not our Maker, nor our neighbour.  

The priesthood of this new religion unilaterally displaced the calendar of the old order to reinforce the paradigm of its new, enlightened conception of MAN. “Happy Christmas” is relabelled “Happy Holidays” and we have a plethora of unheard of days and months contrived to reinforce this system of thought and behaviour in our daily lives. 

An Enlightened Society is now established. Christianity is portrayed as Superstition and the New Truth that we are Rational and Material beings is reinforced; we are no longer dominated by primitive notions of a spiritual dimension or some imaginary god who must be obeyed. 

In this new material and rational world we have Rights – and Rights always trump Responsibilities. In this new Man invented world, reality is reinvented after our own desires and wishes, according to a Man centred conception of Right and Wrong. Equality and Justice now flow from this central notion of the purely Material existence of MAN.

In reality, of course,  it means we warp the truth by censoring what we don’t want to hear

The practice of Abortion epitomises perfectly the perception, practice and consequences of what is now invoked as the ONLY way to view our existence. 

A woman has a Right to an Abortion, now referred to by the sanitised term of “procedure”.  In this religion, Thou shalt not even talk about what an abortion actually is and what it really means. Thou shalt not speak the whole Truth; Thou shalt speak instead only of what justifies a person in committing a callous act. 

Abortion spells out for us the true meaning of Materialism replacing Christianity. Perspective and proportion are warped in the deliberate reinvention of reality to salve the conscience of a person committing an immoral and inhuman act.  

The most dependent and vulnerable creature on earth is now legitimately sacrificed on the altar of Mammon. By calling that act “a Right” instead of the Tragedy which it actually represents, the full horror of Mammon Worship is sanitised. Both Scientific and Moral Truth are deliberately rejected as false – respectively “life begins at conception” and “thou shalt not kill”. This Creed reinvents the world around our wants and excuses; it forsakes, then reinvents reality.

Last year there were a record 207,384 abortions in England and Wales – the highest annual rate ever. Cumulatively, there have been well over 9.44 million abortions in Britain since the law was changed in 1967. In this context of a purely materialistic conception of who we are, the destruction of vulnerable life is legitimate business with big bucks for those running abortion clinics  – £434,500 being the annual income of one Chief Executive of a UK registered company. 

But this distortion of reality deemed necessary by the Creed of Mammon is in fact a highly contagious conceptual and psychological disease. We are now living with the consequences of a Man made world where reality can be reconfigured according to our material understanding of our existence. It is a curse on our collective conscience and culture. A curse brought on us by fanatical Materialists usurping the right to tell us all how to think and behave. 

News reports are routinely distorted by a conception of reality promulgated by Mammon worshippers – people who have the audacity to tell us that they have no Religion! The current manifestation of this all encompassing and all pervasive Cult is Salvation by Vaccination from the Curse of Covid.

A jab in the arm with a vaccine  concocted in desperate haste will solve all our problems. A “safe” vaccine takes at least 3 years to develop, but not in a Covid configured world. It takes just one year. A potion developed by the Priests of Pharma and financed by the sacrificial offerings of Billions of £s/$s/Euros of taxpayers money will deliver you from uncertain and unlikely death by Covid. Just 0.75% of the world’s population have contracted it so far and of that tiny percentage who have contracted it, just 2.37% actually die i.e. 97.63% survive. 

I am not against developing or using vaccines. It should be a free world where business can produce and consumers can acquire their products, vaccines  included.

But I object fundamentally to a religion which deliberately distorts reality and obliges us all to worship its god and obey its tenets ! What we are witnessing is the penalty for wilfully rejecting Christianity. 

In this brave new world Enlightened by Science Reason and Man, we no longer need deliverance from the self centredness of our own human hearts as taught by Christianity. On the contrary, we are to indulge every selfish whim and call it good ! We have replaced the vital, necessary challenge to self centredness with the very opposite – self indulgence.

Until we consciously renounce this Cult and its Creed, things can only get worse…

Ray Catlin 

PS for an apposite expert witness of the Covid scare by an insider, see the testimony of Dr Hodkinson at

Leading Canadian Health Expert Outraged at Government Response to COVID • Children’s Health Defense

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