Official certainty founded on technical un-certainty undermines the credibility of all authority

The British Sunday Telegraph yesterday carried the comments of government scientific adviser Professor Van-Tam. He stated that people who had been vaccinated against Covid 19 could still be contagious and so must maintain social distancing.

The vaccine has been held out as the antidote to the crisis – the miracle salvation which alone can restore normality. Now we learn otherwise

It’s merely the latest uncertainty from those so certain scientists convinced by the formula

lockdown + vaccination = solution

They have no real certainty, however. For example, the vaccine is only 60 to 95% effective, and now there are medical concerns about delaying the second jab by 9 weeks to 12 weeks. Yet again they move the goal posts to counter image issues ie the need to be seen to roll out the cure-all vaccine asap.

Experienced and thoughtful medical professionals have been questioning the efficacy of the approach adopted by governments, but to no avail. Governments are locked into a tunnel vision logic: ie there is only one problem in the world today and only one solution.

But to combat a problem about which there are so many uncertainties, they have trashed every other area of our lives with measures of total certainty: reference our economic welfare and our human rights. Governments manage their own uncertainty by applying drastic absolutes like lockdown.

For example, the significant gains of 10 years of “austerity” in UK public spending were wiped out in less than 6 months last year. Public borrowing is now at unprecedented levels. It is symptomatic of the entire mentality of government today: have it now and pay sometime never – push it off onto our grandchildren. As for basic freedoms – we are witnessing incidents we previously thought possible only in police States.

The media have bought into this fable wholesale. Top item this am on UK Sky News, a profile of a 73 year old who died from Covid 19 after serious suffering. Another lead item warns us that the young are now at real risk… It’s all sensationalist hype exaggerating a real problem and real suffering out of all proportion and perspective.

People die every day; people suffer every day. The issue for responsible politicians in government is: how to manage the conflicting problems to minimise the damage. There is no magic answer to the fundamental problems of this life, but politicians are obsessed with being seen as caring, as perfect, as in control. Are they proposing to banish all suffering ? Are they going to abolish death itself ? This appears to be the underlying mindset at work

Governments are themselves now out of control because they seek to control what cannot be controlled.

Every night we are treated to the latest death statistics – raw statistics removed from all context concerning the overall, normal levels of death and illness.

In this world, some 50 million people die every year. Compare the 2020 figure of almost 1.8 million deaths due to Covid 19. Less than 4% …

Every year the population of the world increases – births exceed deaths by more than 40 million every year…. To cite one source at World Population Clock: 7.8 Billion People (2021) – Worldometer ( ,

“During the 20th century alone, the population in the world has grown from 1.65 billion to 6 billion”.

Did you know that ? Has the media mentioned this ?

How many people die ordinarily each year in, for example, the United Kingdom ? Answer, 600,000. Compare that to the 80,000 deaths attributed to Covid 19 over a year. It means Covid attributed deaths represent just over 13% of all deaths, referencing a normal year…

What we are witnessing is the domination of a materialistic mindset – a mindset which has gradually taken control of politics and society over the last 2 centuries. It is atheistic:- God does not exist and therefore the human race must solve all its own problems. We can – and indeed we must – play at being God. We no longer accept the limitations of what we are but can completely reinvent ourselves and the world about us …

The difference between God almighty and mere mortal man, however, is that God knows what he is doing, and God can manage a billion trillion facets of our existence simultaneously. But, as we have witnessed with Covid mismanagement, mere men can only handle one problem at a time, while simultaneously deceiving themselves that all other problems no longer exist …

Government control of entire populations by extreme methods exposes the total failure of their policy and undermines all remaining respect for authority.

After a year when governments have failed to diagnose and treat their own megalomania, people are now increasingly obliged to take back control

Ray Catlin

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