Woke Week !

Today is International Day for Biological Diversity ! In fact it has been a right Woke week all round.   So – exceptionally –  let me pass the pen and the microphone to others in celebration of this wonderful week !

For the politically posturing police officer on duty at a demonstration, and for the politically correct policeman – see Rod Liddle’s opinion piece at

The Please Force: We need PC Plod…not PC Politics (thesun.co.uk)

For woke at work in the heart of the Establishment, then go to this online panel at the University of Oxford at

Women Making History: Shaping Oxford’s Next Century – YouTube

Please note this Women Making History video is 90 minutes long.  Before the main panel event, there is a very good review of women graduates over the last century. The start of the discussion is both bland but informative [they all had a great time as undergraduates] but becomes more interesting in terms of the views and ambitions expressed as the discussion goes on [despite having had such a good time themselves, they still see Oxford’s ‘journey’ on the road to Woke World as only just beginning]. Among my favourites was

  • the reference to “dead white dudes” – the enemy culture to be eliminated is thus succinctly identified, and
  • the observation that despite all the Equality measures taken, men still outperform women by 9% in gaining First Class degrees at Oxford. The solution proposed to this manifest injustice is to change the white male assumptions and expectations informing the assessment of examinations in order to properly appreciate and reward the diversity of excellence

If after the above you have time and energy left, you may appreciate the philosophical/theological diagnosis of the madness we are now being required to live with at a new site to be found at

Philotheos – Deus ergo sumus

regards, Ray

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