Edmund Burke was right: “pretended Rights” are no rights at all !

I was going to blog about the centenary celebrations held by the Communist Party of China on July 1st, but changed my mind. The reason ? Sky News reports the testimony of a woman born and living in Britain, yet forced to have her virginity medically verified. Apparently this gross form of intrusion is on the increase in Britain today…

…. because Britain today lives under the trauma and paralysis inflicted by the cultural, psychological and conceptual rape of our religious and cultural traditions.

In the third decade of the 21st century, legal cases are still being brought against men of a certain origin and cultural/religious identity for extreme abuse of young women. To which we must now add reports of increasing demands for proof of a woman’s virginity necessitating the rape of her dignity. Why ? Because proof is required by the family of the prospective husband in an arranged marriage.

So, a woman must now prove her innocence, and do so according to someone else’s worldview, not her own. She must meet someone else’s moral expectations, regardless of her own conscience, beliefs and personal dignity.

And she is deprived of recourse to law. This woman went to the police but was fobbed off.  She had been forced to sign a medical consent form; she had been obliged to undergo the most personal of examinations.  A woman who had not known a sexual relationship with a man was obliged to submit herself to a sexual examination by a man, not just once but twice !

And for what ? To meet the hypocritical demands of an alien cultural expectation which belongs to the middle ages and has no place in modern western society.

Women can be subjected to the rape of their dignity in Britain today – and no doubt also in all the formerly Christian western nations which have significant Asian immigrant populations.

How did we get here ?  How did we get to a place where our conception of Rights is so perverted that the exploiter can act as they please, while the victim is denied even the most basic right to privacy and personal integrity ?

The answer lies in the psychology at work in the world of Rights Fundamentalism.

The teaching of Jesus Christ addressed our most fundamental needs as human beings, both our need for affirmation – love – and, equally,  our need to discipline our innate selfishness and waywardness – our sin. He taught us that God above sees all we do; that he loves us; and that he expects us to love others, too.  Love means having respect for all other human beings, regardless of who they are. Regardless. We do not foist our  desires or expectations on others, but allow them to find their own way – be that towards God or away from him.  This last of course is diametrically opposed to the mentality and worldview of the fundamentalist Islamist. It is also opposed to the strident self righteous demands of the materialist, atheistic Rights lobby. 

In our modern world dominated by Enlightenment thinking, however, Christianity has been eradicated.  So now we reap the harvest and its ‘fruit’ –  ‘fruit’ at total variance with the fine intentions and intellectual logic of Enlightenment Materialism. But very real ‘fruit’ all the same.

Why ?

Because this mindset feeds and indulges the self –  it does not challenge it. So instead of arriving at equality of treatment, in practice we get in-equality. The most strident and pushy voice demands its rights, while more civilised and respectful people naturally tend to consider that others have rights too.

And when you remove the truth about the objective God above to whom we owe obedience, you end up with the gross perversion of a human Leader filling the psychological vaccuum. This analysis can be demonstrated time and again in history. The French Rights Revolution gave the world Napoleon; the Russian Bolshevik Revolution gave the world first Lenin, then Stalin. The Chinese Communist Revolution gave the world Mao – so State induced famine and death; the warped Cultural Revolution with all its excesses; and so today, Xi Jinping who is not only Dictator but whose “Thoughts” are enshrined in the Chinese Constitution.

This is Stalin and Hitler all over again.  Yet we see no demonstrations and Twitter lynch mobs from Western Social Justice Zealots – just as we saw no condemnation of Stalin from Left wing fellow travellers in the West in the last century.

And where was the righteous outcry over the death of school teacher Samuel Pati in France late last year ? The British Establishment’s University of Oxford virtue signalled and appropriated George Floyd’s death to justify its social engineering policy governing admissions to the University. Yet Pati’s horrifying and unprecedented killing, directly challenging freedom of speech in western education today, goes unremarked by Oxford.  None of Oxford’s hypocrisy could possibly have anything to do with Funding or with Fear, of course.

Where is the condemnation of a religious fundamentalism which so terrorises the Batley Grammar school teacher that he remains in hiding for fear of his life after he posed the same sort of questions in class as Samuel Pati ?

The explanation is simple. The psychology of Rights Fundamentalism cannot cope with evidence which contradicts The Truth according to the Gospel of Equality.  Their religious mindset cleaves to a Faith which cannot be faulted because that Religion is man made, man centred and man justifying !

It is paradoxically in this ideological climate of Rights that a young woman from an Asian family can be deprived of the Justice she is entitled to according to English tradition. Not because the law is insufficient – how can it be ? But because there is a cultural paralysis about applying traditional law according to traditional values and conceptions.

The fear of man has displaced the proper reverence and respect for the Christian God, Jesus Christ.

Ray Catlin

PS for an explanation of the title to this post, see paragraphs 90 and 96 of my edition of Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France where Burke uses the term “pretended rights”. The entire section at paragraphs 89 to 100 titled “Edmund Burke on Rights” is apposite [as is the previous section from paragraph 74 titled “Edmund Burke on Equality” – in fact the whole book should be read !]

The testimony and linked report about the atrocious treatment of the young woman is at

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