Partial, or distorted, or entire Truth ?

Monday July 19th is “Freedom Day” in England – freedom from most government controls to counter Covid 19.  But allowing people the dignity and liberty to order their lives appropriately runs counter to the strong dirigiste,  collectivist mindset of many scientists and politicians. They know better than we do, and they should have the final say. They foretell that Prime Minister Johnson is making a terrible mistake.

Johnson himself is isolating after contact with Sajid Javid, the UK’s Health Secretary, who said he tested positive on 17th July, having had his second Covid jab 2 months earlier. Johnson himself was hospitalised with Covid last year, and has also been vaccinated since. Don’t these basic facts invite questions with common sense answers?  Questions about the efficacy of tests and vaccinations – indeed about the nature of the virus itself ? 

In France, the Covid stats are right down re infections, intensive care beds occupied and deaths. But the last 3 weeks or so have seen increases in these indices so the experts are predicting imminent catastrophe. One such statistic stated a “133% increase”.

Well, a 133% increase on next to nothing is not much more, is it ? But that does not suit the PR offensive being waged to corral people into vaccination – the only effective solution to the pandemic insists President Macron. On Monday 12th he went on television to make clear that vaccination is no longer a choice in the land of “liberte” today, but has now become the solemn social responsibility of every right minded citizen. 

Which means that if you are not vaccinated in Macron’s France, you are not a responsible citizen. And on Sunday 18th July, the governments official spokesman, Gabriel Attal, went into print to make that crystal clear.  He characterised the 114,000 people in 136 demonstrations across France the day before as: 

an irresponsible and defeatist fringe minority happy to remain idle and live with this current mess” whereas those who step up and do as the Government demands, well:

they represent the hardworking and responsible France, people who want to put the virus behind them and get back to work” – presumably like Mr Javid and Mr Johnson who are both now confining themselves, even though they have been vaccinated.  Which begs certain questions: 

  • tested for what ?
  • vaccinated with what ?
  • vaccinated against what ? 

I hear stories of children in UK putting their test swabs in lemon juice to produce a positive covid result, thus getting a ‘legitimate’ reason to stay home from school

You know something is seriously wrong when governments use grossly distorted, decontextualised statistics; when their spokesman uses outlandish language to smear those who disagree – who constitute at least one third of the French population.  All  this in the country which teaches Philosophy in school as the nation’s religion, and therefore idolises rational reasoning, despising faith. 

You know something is more than gravely wrong when the really, really clever people start saying black is white and vice versa. The journalistic mouthpiece of UK academia, namely the Conversation,  carried a piece on July 14th 2021 titled: 


Really !

We come back to planet earth when we read this in a trade journal for the US Health industry, namely

The U.S.’s big three makers of Covid-19 vaccines — Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson — have already made tens of billions of dollars during the pandemic, and the continued global demand for doses suggests they’ll make billions more. But the sustained profitability of those vaccines depends on wealthy nations deciding they need to buy third, fourth, and umpteenth doses to sustain immunity among their populations. Pfizer is leading the way in filing for authorization of a third dose, but J&J and Moderna, which is also developing a variant-specific booster, are likely to follow.

The debatable need for boosters is of particular importance to the makers of second-generation Covid-19 vaccines. Novavax, whose vaccine is yet to secure emergency authorization, is counting on a market for booster shots to make a return on its investment. Sanofi, whose GlaxoSmithKline-partnered vaccine ran into a delay last year, is in a similar position.

SVB Leerink analyst Geoffrey Porges expects Pfizer and Moderna to dominate the U.S. market for Covid-19 vaccines into 2023. But if boosters become a necessity, as Porges assumes they will, the market will become more fragmented, with space for a multitude of competitors to build sustainable businesses off of endemic Covid-19.

To find this gem of truth, scroll right down to the heading,

If there are boosters, what does that mean for the businesses of Pfizer and other drug makers ?

So, let’s recap certain facts about these Covid vaccines:

  • they only have Emergency, not Full Final approval
  • the EU and US governments subsidised their development with $ Billions
  • the EU signed contracts with suppliers giving manufacturers indemnity against adverse outcomes
  • Pfizer is already seeking emergency approval from the US government for a 3rd dose booster when the rollout for the initial 2 jab vaccination only started earlier this year
  • effectiveness against the Covid virus is not 100% – it officially varies from around 55% to 95% at best
  • effectiveness against new variants is constantly asserted – but on what research basis ? Vaccines are still being rolled out !
  • Stat News itself carries an Op-Ed this month that the ‘pandemic’ was already on the wane before the vaccine rollout got going 

Given the preceding,  in this and in my previous posts on Covid, some outrageous allegations made to a German enquiry begin to merit consideration. If this is true, then it would explain a great deal indeed. It certainly accords with the mindset and behaviour we can expect in a world steeped in Materialism where God is despised – the God who demands we respect each other as his creation, that we tell the truth, and that we only do good to other people.  

But today, Greed is God.  And the manipulation of people’s fears and desires is just ‘legitimate’ business.  

Ray Catlin

The quotation from Macron’s spokesman cited above can be found in the concluding sentences of the report at

Extension du passe sanitaire : le projet de loi devant le Conseil des ministres (

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