technocracy and plutocracy are destroying our democracy

The fundamental political issue within western society today is corporate control. 

It is everywhere.  Witness, for example, Corporate interests rigging both markets and the law – the lobby industry in Brussels, Belgium is second only to that in Washington DC.   EU bureaucrats hold closed session meetings with big business where no minutes are taken. Time and again the European Parliament queries the powers of the European commission but to little effect. 

This of course suits Big State, the other mega corporate concern. The justification for Big State is its role as provider of social welfare and protection – from education and health to pensions and social security benefits for sickness and unemployment. Big State is therefore difficult to second guess.  Indeed the supposedly right wing government in the United Kingdom, for example, is busy ramping up public debt to finance major public projects.

The Corporate,  collectivist mentality is now so dominant that it has become impossible to question its views without being accused of extremism or paranoia. 

Today, the king’s counsellors are technocrats. The wisdom of experts across the board must be preferred above the simplistic views of the ordinary member of public, the average voter.  From economics to health, experts are handing out their opinions as superior wisdom, to be preferred over private opinion or interest. Common sense is irrational nonsense. 

This was manifest in Britain during the Brexit debate. Indeed the condescension and contempt of experts knew few boundaries.  We have witnessed this again during the Covid 19 crisis – a crisis actually generated by governments, but regularly attributed to Covid 19

All evidence is to be interpreted according to one set of official assumptions; and those assumptions and their logic lead to unprecedented controls on individual behaviour – from today 15th October 2021, all workers in Italy are required to have a Covid pass … 

Does anyone ask the question: What sort of world are they creating ? Personally I’d rather die, than live in a world where my personal dignity is destroyed by government control of my normal, innocent everyday movements. Regimentation of the populace in a democracy is a contradiction in terms.  Training children to be frightened of normal everyday contact and obliging them to accept masks and vaccination is chilling. 

But this is where the collectivist, corporatist mentality has led us. My own view is that this is the direct result of the eradication of Christianity and triumph of the Materialist thinking which deifies MAN. Whatever one’s own religious views, clearly individual liberty is being overridden by a mindset of collectivist necessity. And yet that collective necessity is always determined by a particular minority which claims some form of superiority to the rest of us ?

This disturbing imbalance between the corporate/collectivist and the individual is now so extreme that certain scientists can place us all at needless risk. 

I refer specifically to a project being run by the University of Oxford which is now calling for volunteers to trial their ‘prototype’ vaccine against Black Death plague. Yes, the people who brought you the 100% effective, perfectly safe AstraZeneca jab against the menace of Covid 19 now want to start vaccinating against a disease which barely exists today – a disease which can already be treated by antibiotics  “effectively” – I cite their own word. 

Just how great is this threat ? Well, their own statistics tell us that in the 5-6 year period 2010 to 2015, there were 3,248 cases worldwide, of which 584 people died. This compares with world wide deaths each year from all causes in excess of 50,000,000. 

So, in the face of a negligible risk, scientists at the University of Oxford have experimented with this disease – they must have done to develop a vaccine. They have had it in their labs in England where the disease is nonexistent.  They are now proposing to expose how many people as guinea pigs for their trial ? Just how many people are required to test such a vaccine before it can be approved. I suspect it is a lot more than 3,248 …

Does it not occur to these people that the Covid 19 debacle is very likely the result of a leak from a laboratory – a laboratory where scientists were playing with dangerous diseases ? 

Have we learnt nothing from the Covid 19 issue ? Are we going to allow scientists to do just as they please, according to their own predispositions and their own desires and interests ? Do we, the public, not have a right to be protected from over zealous scientific activity ? Are we to be obliged to accept their perspective and their narrow interests and concerns above the far greater public interest ?  Why is there no proper, credible supervision and control of such projects – indeed of their necessity and their viability ? 

This of course highlights who is actually determing the public health agenda, how and why. Clearly the welfare of the general population of England or the United Kingdom is not being considered, nor the balance of risks involved.  

Evidently, the sole criteria applied here concern the narrow research interests of the scientists involved. And of course the reputation of the scientists and Oxford University to go down in history with another First in a field of research.

How many people living in remote villages in Africa are going to be told that theymust have the vaccine to defend them against such miniscule risk  –  a risk which can be treated by antibiotics. But Oxford researchers claim delay in treatment is the problem. The obvious answer to that lies in educating at-risk populations about symptoms and relevant treatment,  as well as ensuring that antibiotics are more readily available locally. 

How much money is being spent on this needless vaccine research, and just how much of a return will the pharmaceutical companies expect on their investment in development and distribution ? 

It is high time for scientific research to be brought under thorough public interest scrutiny and control. Because right now,  scientists and big Pharma manifestly control existing mechanisms of supervision in their own interests

Ray Catlin


there is also a one minute Youtube presentation at

There are telling assumptions and attitudes manifest in this Oxford university news release about Covid vaccination “hesitancy” at

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