‘War is a mere continuation of policy by other means’ wrote von Clausewitz

War is “a real political instrument, a continuation of political commerce”. So stated Carl von Clausewitz in his classic study titled “On War”.

Of course, war is always clothed with righteous language about freedom and human rights – even with lies like weapons of mass destruction.  Consequences like the birth of a Daesh monster just don’t figure in the equation.

But today the West is faced with powerful competitors like China and Russia. Having trashed the once in a lifetime opportunity to exit the arms race, the West is now faced with these ascendant pretenders. The dilemma ?  Let Russia and China annexe Ukraine and Taiwan, and so grow inexorably more powerful to challenge American supremacy later. Or crush their power now before they achieve the place to successfully overwhelm American supremacy.

Russia and China know this; Russia and China know too the history of western imperialism over the last 4 centuries – and in that equation I include the economic Empire of the Pax Americana since the Second World War.

When it comes to considering geo-politics, sadly  all that counts is described by Machiavelli in his political manual The Prince.

In the West we have become incredibly comfortable with our consumerist culture. Materialism has not only corrupted our sense of who we are [ie we exist merely to stimulate our senses and satisfy every urge we have] it has also thereby warped our perspective on the realities of this life. We have deceived ourselves – and the constant hype and harping on about rights in academia, media and politics is indulging this deception to a now dangerous degree.

Reality has a habit of eventually asserting itself. Deceit usually trades on simplistic wishful thinking. EG the propaganda that once every one is vaccinated against Covid 19, all will be well again. It won’t. It is a lie. I note just one example, a study published last month in the Lancet – link referenced below [1].  Real science – not the phoney Pharma induced nonsense – will eventually win out – but will they have trashed our rights and our very dignity in the meantime?  Watch this space.

This blog post is not about Covid, however. It is about imminent war in Eastern Europe and over Taiwan. It looks to me as if Russia and China are co-ordinating both their respective military build-ups and their propaganda offensive for a simultaneous military strike. The Chinese, via an opinion piece in Sputnik[2] have even given a date: 9th/10th December 2021 when the Americans and their allies are gathered for a conference of ‘democracies’.

The Russian State sponsored media channel, RT,  on December 1st 2021 reported comments by President Putin inviting the West to start serious, legally binding negotiations to recognise the undertakings the West gave Russia about eastward expansion in the 1990s but which the West trashed [3].  Or perhaps I should say undertakings which the American/British/French military-industrial complex has trashed. 

When both Russia and China were far weaker than America in the 1990s, the USA did not seize the opportunity to downsize its military capacity, and thereby reduce its bloated federal budget deficit. No, the US government [not the same as the American people] chose to maintain an inordinate level of military competence in the face of low level threats.

By expanding their military budgets and resources, Russia and China have simply imitated America. They parallel what the US government and its military-industrial complex have taught the world, by their own example.  Their perspective and their interests merely mirror the USA’s Monroe doctrine and its implementation over two centuries.

Even when the Chinese buy influence around the world via their self serving credit loans and trade agreements, I doubt that they are doing anything so different from what the Americans and West have been doing for the last 75 years. When the Chinese talk about democracy and freedom, they simply talk the same mix of their truth and their aspirations as the West has done for many decades now.

So when NATO starts telling us we must go to war with Russia and China; if they start telling us that we must go on a war footing and sacrifice all our normal liberties etc etc etc., I won’t believe them.

I will not support sending our young people to war against the young people of China or Russia. I do not support any threats to use nuclear or other powerful weapons against nations which are merely copying the hypocritical example of the West.


[1] Lancet

[2] Sputnik

[3] RT


By Conservatism Institute

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