barbaric abuse in the Age of Reason

What does a 50 year old man in an English prison have in common with a  dead 6 year old boy ?

Answer: they have both suffered barbaric abuse of power.

Julian Assange is the 50 year old; and Arthur Labinjo-Hughes the dead 6 year old. The horrific death of the 6 year old is the worse – until you consider why Julian Assange has been imprisoned for 9 years. He had the audacity to reveal that the United States military murdered innocent people in the Middle East earlier this century.

Yes we are talking about the amazingly progressive, the  we-know-far-better-than-all-previous-generations, the so enlightened century of the Rights of Man.

An article citing Arthur’s case and others appears on Sky News UK online this week.#  It is titled “… a tragic reminder of why reform is desperately needed”. It identified systems, case loads, inexperience. Blah blah blah – all the old excuses.  Yet in today’s world of massive State intervention into the lives of normal families, the child in truly desperate need of the State’s draconian powers remains neglected and totally abandoned.

The unassailable assumption persists that Socialism cannot be faulted.  We just need more resources; more money.  The real problem is the penny pinching right wing government.

But such lethal failure is inevitable in a Socialist State embued with the fundamental Ethic that human beings are good; that human beings have rights; that human beings are god in their own lives. That the answer to all problems is more money and more regulation and more intervention. Because, after all,  we are just a collection of atoms – and that collection of atoms requires careful attention and nurture – materially, of course,  not spiritually.

The Christian religion once permeated Western culture and provided the conceptual basis for its laws and institutions: it taught otherwise. It taught the paramount importance of RESPONSIBILITY – responsibility to God, and to others. It taught that God’s requirements come above and before all human demands and failings. It taught a far higher accountability. It taught that each individual has a paramount responsibility to manage and dominate the selfish nature which exists in every one of us.

The step mother who killed Arthur is not the only one to blame here. She is the product of a society which feeds the selfish self constantly – by its laws, and by its culture of do and have whatever you want; it’s as easy as two or three clicks on the keyboard. The constant saturation and manipulation of mass advertising is just one aspect of this ruling Materialist religion.

Every politician who lies or distorts; every person in the media who twists and who censors information; etc etc etc. They all – we all  – share in creating the climate of self orientedness by which we live today.

There is no God to account to; there is no higher Justice; there is no God who loves us, and can help us to live as we need and as we should. There is no-one but SELF.  Self is now god.

I guarantee this. Arthur will not be the last, whatever reforms they introduce. Why ? Because the answer lies in a revolution in our western culture – a revolution which restores Responsibility and puts Rights in their proper place.

The step mother abused both her position and her power. Ditto the United States military in the Middle East. And before anyone thinks that I have a grudge against the US or its military, let me say this. Every power and every military is capable of the abuse revealed by Assange. Of that, I have not the slightest doubt.

It is almost inevitable when soldiers are told by their governments that they are doing this for freedom; for their country; for the civilisation on which their country and its allies are founded.

You don’t have to have a doctorate in Philosophy or Theology to know basic right from wrong. We all know right from wrong; it is born in us – it is God given.

By pursuing Assange, the United States governments of both Democrat and Republican stripes reveal their arrogance and their over-reach. They are entitled to imprison an American soldier who divulged his country’s secrets. They are not entitled to pursue a foreigner abroad for exposing their crimes against humanity !

The 13th century English Magna Carta is beloved of American lawyers. It is a foundational document of the English speaking world’s civilisation.

It holds power to account. It says power is constrained by convention and by law within appropriate limits. Western interventions in the Middle East are supposed to be based on defending western nations and defending their values.

Total rot.

Those interventions are based on defending and promoting the interests of godless, atheistic, man exalting, profit worshipping big business interests. Interests which manifestly have no real respect for human values, identity and culture. They are soul-less monsters whose god is power and wealth.

I have not the slightest doubt that Edmund Burke [1729 to 1797] would endorse what I say and why I say it.

Big Business is the ultimate motor and master of the Materialist religion. Big Business is as much in need of being brought to heel and tamed as any authoritarian government.

The principles of Magna Carta must be applied to them !

The governments and corporate interests of the English speaking world need to be reminded powerfully of a document which Thomas Paine dismissed as a mouldy old parchment.  Magna Carta stated this solemn commitment by the King as head of Executive power:

To no-one will we sell, to no-one will we deny or delay right or justice

When American Presidents and military commanders plan and give orders, they should remember the declared justification for their country’s foundational rebellion against what they saw as a foreign, tyrannical power:

We hold these truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.



By Conservatism Institute

The profile photograph displayed on this site is a portrait of Edmund Burke [1729 - 1797] whose book, Reflections on the Revolution in France, articulates the perspective and principles associated with a conservative view of politics in the English tradition. The photograph is supplied courtesy of

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