jingle jab truth and the Christmas fairy story

What rational person could believe a fable like God coming into the world as a baby ? Who in the 21st century would believe in this God-man sacrificing himself on the cross to atone for our sins ?

Today we are enlightened by Apostles of Mancentricity. We know the Truth. We can read it in holy Scriptures like Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man and Age of Reason. Today we understand that Christianity is a fable which enabled white oppressors to justify their exploitation of workers in Europe and in the colonies.

No, today we have the Evangel of the Enlightenment, explained to us in the epistles of Marx, and the encyclicals of Critical RaceTheory. Politics, media and business now have the Moral foundation of the Equality Evangel to proclaim.

Today, we are rational and developed. We have dispensed with the simplistic superstition that all human beings are made in the image of God; that they derive intrinsic worth from the fact that God loved us so much that he came himself in the flesh to die in our place. That God alone by the Holy Spirit can make possible a new life by his enabling and directing; that God solves the problem of alienation and exploitation.

Today we know that human beings don’t bear the stain of sin – that selfish Self which we must overcome for the good of others, and indeed for our own selves. Instead we know that this is sentimental rubbish from the past – the repository of all that is wicked.

We now understand that people are inherently good – not sinners.That sinners are a social class category called rich men and their apologists. Therefore, every trace of their wickedness must be removed.  We must expunge the past. We must cleanse our hearts and minds from such evil. We must banish their wickedness by eliminating their entire philosophical paradigm from the collective archives and so from all influence on the future.

Thus we can atone before the MANgod of Materialism for the sins of the sinners – the wicked class of rich exploiters, and their lower class lackeys.

We give no credence to hate filled Right-wing extremists who “exploit” the depths to which our Pure Enlightened thinking led Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.

In his sacred writing, Rights of Man, the apostle Paine taught us how to treat these Right-wing bigots . The First Commandment dominates page one – and recurs at intervals thereafter. What is it ?

First Commandment. Condemn any person who has the audacity to point out evidence contradicting the Enlightened Thesis of Ultimate Truth. No-one must be allowed to believe the treacherous heretic Edmund Burke – the first modern reactionary to rationalise the wicked past. Such evil men venerate experience and mouldy old parchments like Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights and that truly infamous story book, the Bible. Such  reactionary apologists are ipso facto idiots to whom no rational and moral person can give the slightest consideration.

The Second Commandment follows logically, of course.  Just as we condemn and dismiss the person who dares to think differently from us, so too we condemn and dismiss their wicked philosophy. We must atone  by wiping away all trace of reactionary thought. Only then can we stop it polluting the Holy book of The Real Truth, and offending the MANgod’s holy nature of total and complete Equality.

Evil ideas and temptations must be kept out of the Holy Presence of Material, Man centred Truth. All evidence to the contrary will only serve to pollute our holy thoughts and our impeccable, self righteous manners. All evidence contradicting the Truth of the holy conception and paradigm of the MAN-god, Anthropotheos, must be expunged from the record lest it survive and lead the gullible sheep astray … and the false god of SELF constructed out of our own deceitful, God hating hearts be exposed for the fable it really is.

There is no great “I AM” who came in the flesh to show us the way. There is only the MAN-god, Anthropotheos – what we see and touch; the reality we can rule and determine for ourselves, according to our own self centred desires.

We humans are the only Beings in the universe. Therefore, we must take control. We must help the ignorant sheep among us in the paths of Righteousness: Self, self and more Self.

Then we the holy priesthood of Anthropotheos can fleece the sheep and sustain ourselves in our privileged position as custodians of Plato’s Noble Lie …

Get your Jingle Jab ! Become a Covid Jab Junkie ! This holy Ritual will save you from the dread disease of Covid sweeping the world. Salvation can only come by Vaccination … This is your true salvation. Only Believe us self appointed High Priests of the unquestionable, Scientific Truth. Only experts can know Good and Evil.

Don’t relapse into the superstition which teaches the wicked doctrine of the fallibility of every human being. That evil lie will only make you distrust us, the Enlightened Elite. Surely you realise we struggle to manage the world for your own good.

Or are you relapsing into superstitious doubt, sinful heretic  !


PS the following news items from the same news agency on the same day, Christmas Eve, sum up the contradictions and the media distortions of the actual evidence they cite.




and in terms of serious medical concerns, again on Christmas Eve, the following courtesy of TCW Defending Freedom at


And to finish this bumper Christmas edition on a lighter note, the following also from TCW on Christmas Eve at

Christmas at St Pfizer’s: Order of service

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