What does Putin’s invasion of Ukraine actually tell us ?

When my first child was 3 years old I had an ‘epiphany’. For the first time ever she had run ahead of me, perilously close to a busy road. Frightened but unable to physically stop her crossing the road, I had instead to rely on calling out, “Stop at the kerb”.

What I knew of her had raced through my mind, and I made the decision to let go. Thank God, she stopped and waited for me.

I learned a lesson that day. Being a parent means progressively letting go of your child. One day they must live their life themselves. A parent’s job is to help them get there –  to help them to take control of their own lives. To become the person God intends them to be.

In the Western democracies today we are living with governments which want to treat us all as toddlers incapable of growing up and taking responsibility for ourselves. That betrays their immaturity.

Maturity recognises the world as it is, and seeks to work with the inevitable constraints of this world. Immaturity, on the other hand, tries to make the world conform to our view and to our parochial, self oriented wants. Immaturity sees no need to change itself; immaturity demands childishly that all else change to accommodate what little ME wants. Nothing else matters except what I want and I need. Recognising real differences, and adapting yourself to deal with them just does not enter the equation. It’s all very egocentric, even monomaniacal.

In the West we have been subjected for decades now to a childish religious cult which fails to deal with the real world. Spectacularly so.

Let me cite representative, prima facie evidence from a Richard Littlejohn piece in the Daily Mail of 24th February 2022. In the piece he says, inter alia:

As Russian tanks roll into Ukraine, one of the most senior spooks charged with keeping us safe is more concerned with ensuring that his staff use the ‘correct pronouns’ at all times.

Under no circumstances should they ever utter the deeply offensive term ‘manpower’, with all its implicit sexist connotations.

Nor should they use problematic phallocentric terms such as ‘strong’ and ‘grip’ which can ‘reinforce dominant cultural patterns’.

The current woke Western Establishment promotes this extremist nonsense as fundamental and non-negotiable liberal democratic values. Note its attitude to Polish and Hungarian disagreement. It is childishly  incapable of seeing any other perspective or paradigm than its own. And just like a child it becomes outraged and belligerent when its own sense of justice is offended. That’s not fair ! It’s mine; I want it !

NATO watched the Russian bear prowling on the borders of Ukraine for 3 long months. What did western powers do ? Did they deal with the bear as a bear, and manage the situation accordingly ? No, they refused point blank to manage the situation which actually existed. They doubled down on the view that Russia is a dangerous dictatorship. Therefore Russia cannot have a legitimate point of view. It’s problems and its concerns may exist but they are illegitimate, ergo we will ignore and refute them out of hand. Russia must change to our way of thinking, or suffer the consequences.

Western governments are crippled by a false sense of their own rectitude and unassailability. Why ? Because they have successfully tamed their domestic populations to accept their extreme, ultra liberal agenda.  So when Russia has had enough of western hypocrisy, the West reacts in the same old childish way: impose ever greater economic sanctions – as much an act of aggression as wielding a weapon.

The people of Ukraine are now paying the price for the West’s obsession with the religious cult of woke.

Believing Putin to be a bloodthirsty dictator with Imperialist pretensions is a crass excuse for refusing to take responsibility for the situation as it actually exists – for avoiding reality.

For example, why did the West refuse to negotiate over Ukraine when repeatedly offered the opportunity ? Russia even put specific proposals on the table for a new security order in Europe suited to 21st century conditions. In fact Putin raised the question of a new strategic understanding 15 years ago. At the 2007 Munich conference on International security he made clear how Russia viewed its security in Europe.

But this was heresy to the closed mindset of the West’s Rights based religious Orthodoxy. They repeated the line ad nauseam: the Right of every nation to decide its own future; to join NATO or not. Russian fears are illegitimate and irrelevant. Recognise the mentality from our domestic politics ?

Did Putin oblige Germany to become dependent on Russia for 50% of its gas supplies ? Did Putin oblige Germany to contract for Nordstream 2 – a completed project now suspended as the Socialist German Chancellor postures righteously and pathetically from a real world position of vulnerability.

In arranging gas supplies from Russia, however, the Germans evidently felt none of the Russo-phobia which western media tell us we must now have.  One could multiply such hard economic evidence.

Such evidence should cause us to stop and reflect on the simplistic, Manichaean line being peddled by  Rights obsessed, Reality refuting Western governments today.

Fundamental, historic Question: Why did NATO continue to exist in the 1990s when the threat from both Russia and China was non existent ?

Why does the United States account for almost 40% of the world’s entire arms expenditure, far more than either China or Russia. Why is the American government Debt at frighteningly record levels ?

Let me make one last pertinent observation. How far is Scotland from London; or  Lyons from Paris; or New York city from Montreal, Canada ?

Why ?

Because that is how near the border of Ukraine is to Moscow, capital of Russia…

In view of that real world reality – that FACT – as distinct from the religious ideological obsession of western governments, I urge you to read the fascinating and informative pieces linked below.




and the Littlejohn Op-ed is at


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