Sunak spending spree: tactical necessity eclipses strategic stupidity

Chancellor of the UK Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has announced an essential package of support for all British households to be financed, in part, by a windfall tax on the exceptional profits of big oil and gas companies. This is a tactically correct response.

But this cost of living crisis and the now-necessary response should never have come to pass. This crisis results from the strategic blunders of excessive government intervention to combat Covid 19, and the sanctimonious sanctions against Russia.

The astonishing surge in energy and other prices threatens the fundamental economic security of every household. It is therefore wholly right to take from the vast income of big corporates in order to relieve the serious difficulties faced by everyone now. After all, the big companies depend on the needs and on the spending power of the general population. And at the end of the day, the economy must exist to support the well-being of society; human beings do not exist to service the requirements of big money and big corporations.

But such interventionist action by a supposedly Conservative British Chancellor can only be an unfortunate and very temporary fix. The fundamental and insistent dynamics must be addressed. Those dynamics of food, energy and supply constraints were caused by un-necessary and dangerous government interventions over Covid and against Russia in Ukraine. Such unrealistic interventions have exacerbated pre-existing structural problems relating to food supplies, transport, vacancies and dependence on Russian natural resources.

Bu those fundamental dynamics won’t be confronted all the while governments persist in taking inappropriate, simplistic actions dictated by the west’s contemporary cultic religious obsession.

The psychological mentality and the philosophical approach of western governments today refuses to deal with reality. They prefer instead to reinvent the world according to the Idealism of Materialist minded intellectuals.

The grave ramifications are apparent in all the big issues of recent years.

For example, the British Brexit vote in June 2016 was dismissed and systematically attacked by an Establishment intelligentsia sold out to Materialism. Let’s call them IDIOTTSS – IDealistic Intellectuals Obsessed by Their Truth and Sense of Superiority.

An IDIOTTSS world is simple: it is unencumbered by complicated, harsh realities and by any sense of responsibility towards others. It is simple and straightforward.

IDIOTTSS have one supreme and self evidently correct world view. They operate by fixating on one issue critical only to them; by censoring all conflicting evidence; and by distorting the perception of what remains to make everything accord with their preconceived, simplistic version of reality and morality.

So with regard to Brexit, for example, the Referendum vote was not about the people democratically deciding to take back national sovereignty from a demonstrably authoritarian Ideological Bureaucracy operating according to the principles of fascist economics and intending to create a European federal super State. No, No. It was about Leave Lies; Russian disinformation; and the intellectual inadequacy of the working classes.

IDIOTTSS are well versed in Plato’s Noble Lie, the diabolical practices of Machiavelli’s Prince, and the Marxist use of Dialectic to counterfeit the spiritual and moral truths articulated by Christianity.

The IDIOTTSS mentality is therefore reduced to the essential and necessary supremacy of themselves and their worldview. That view is so vital it must be implemented by any means available: the Righteous Ends justify any unfortunate means. [Brilliantly successful IDIOTTSS include Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot].

All opposition must be eliminated to ensure their self evidently correct righteous rule. So come Covid, the simplistic logic of the IDIOTTSS applies: cancel Covid 19 – the Enemy – by any means. Virus is spread by proximity and contact between material beings called Homo Sapiens – ergo remove human proximity and contact. Homo Sapiens is merely an assemblage of chemicals, ergo take chemical countermeasures via Vaccination. Such countermeasures are so obvious that everyone must be obliged to conform and eradicate the common enemy. Humans are no longer made in the image of God: they do not have inherent, divinely derived dignity and sense of individual moral worth. Worth is now calculated according to Collective need – not according to the dissenting whims of rebellious individuals questioning the latest State diktat against fundamental human dignity and liberty.

Post Covid [?] the common enemy is the madman, V. Putin, president of Russia and warmonger extraordinaire. He of course must be eliminated – a professor of morals at one world famous institution for educating IDIOTTSS, has suggested summary termination of said madman.

This same fixated, intensely targeted approach applies at every level. Ergo spend Billions of $s, £s, Euros to finance armaments for Ukraine in its righteous struggle to defeat the desperate Dictator. It does not matter that provoking the madman might bring nuclear conflict. It does not matter that the world’s security in food and energy supplies demands de-escalation and negotiation NOW. No matter that the future of BILLIONS of human beings is being sacrificed in order to uphold the Rights of millions of Ukrainians – even though this righteous stand has already cost them the devastation of their homeland. Even though Western intervention confirms all Russia’s foolish fears.

Negotiating with a madman is self evidently impossible, so we must eliminate him and then reduce Russia to the status of a third world dependency. Question: Why did no-one take this elimination line with Lenin, Stalin and Mao ? Answer: Different western mentality back in the wicked, retro days before the universal Rule of the UN Charter of Human Rights. For IDIOTTSS, that Charter displaces the responsibilities demanded by the Bible’s Ten Commandments. Thou shalt not murder; thou shalt not bear false witness, thou shalt not steal; thou shalt not commit adultery … Only the rule of Universal Rights can now solve the problem of the human condition.

No, today we are so advanced, and so beyond the Christian superstition of God, we finally have the correct diagnosis and cure. It will only take a few more years to eliminate dissent and implement the Correct Cure. All our problems will be solved once everyone adopts the same unquestioning and childish trust of idiocy


By Conservatism Institute

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