Why Socialists can be so stupid !

Wednesday 26th January 2022 I watched the Franco-German ARTE chanmel television news. They reported a severe disagreement in the German parliament over the Socialist led government proposal to make Covid 19 vaccination compulsory. That I knew. What I had not understood was the timetable. Approval of the Bill is anticipated in March, with compulsory vaccination starting in the summer in time for the expected onslaught of Covid in the autumn of 2022.

I suppose I still find it difficult to believe that intelligent people can be so, so stupid – despite my many years experience of the utter idiocy of the man centred, God hating hard Left.

Allow me here to mention a pertinent personal anecdote from many years ago. I was having morning coffee with a fellow history student. He was an active and vocal member of the university Labour club. At that time,  the Apartheid regime controlled South Africa and its existence was an affront to all civilised people. Demonstrations among all self respecting liberal and Left wing students were de rigueur, and Barclays Bank was a prime target because of its association with South Africa.

My fellow student pulled out his wallet and placed it on the table, open. I could not believe my eyes. There in front of me was a Barclay card. I looked at him, pointing out its existence. He just grinned, sheepishly.

I have witnessed through life the self-centred hypocrisy of Socialists. But it was not until I read Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man that I fully realised the explanation for their hypocrisy.

Paine opens his Rights of Man with a full blown ad hominem assault upon the character and motivations of one of the greatest political philosophers of all time, Edmund Burke. I freely confess here my personal preference for Edmund Burke whose work needs to be resurrected and taught routinely in our Universities to help get a proper perspective into politics.

Incredibly, Paine does not open with an ode to the joys and benefits of the Rights of Man. No, instead he assaults the very foundation  of all Human Rights thinking – the dignity of every individual, regardless. He does so because he sees his former ally, Burke,  as a traitor  to the cause of Liberty. He has no time for Burke’s amazing sense of perspective and his understanding that all politics deals primarily with realities, not principles. Edmund Burke correctly identified that, at root, politics concerns practicality. Thomas Paine, however, only sees an Ideal built on abstract concepts. And reality must be made to coincide with his Utopian Ideology.

By attacking Burke first and foremost and at intervals through his amazing treatise on Rights, Thomas Paine illustrates the fundamental problem with his position – its Psychology, its mentality. That mentality is blatant in woke thinking, and supremely so over the last 30 years. Their Ideal is the only answer, and so that Ideal must be imposed whatever the cost because the price to pay is worth the ultimate gain in perfect Justice for all.

So, the slate must be wiped clean. Everything must accord with universal needs and universal rights. In this perspective and paradigm, tradition and experience are not only stupid, but inimical. And the apologists of experience and tradition are stupid and inimical too.

What Paine and all his intellectual progeny utterly fail to realise is the danger of the attitude generated by their obsession with Ideals and Justice. This obsessive mindset explains the atrocious massacres and totalitarian excesses of the 20th century – and why we are now watching the death throes of individual liberty in our contempory world.

In this mindset, there is only one answer and that answer applies to everyone, regardless. Individual difference is deviation, not freedom of thought; not insight into the problem which can help; not the expression of the irrepressible individuality and dignity of every human being; not an alternative perspective, willing to consider other evidence. Remember,  all valid evidence MUST support the grand design elaborated by the Ideal. If it does not, then it is ipso facto false and to be discounted forthwith as it merits no consideration.

The problem comes down to this:


Mindset; attitude: psychology. Paine finds problems with every one and every thing else. He himself cannot possibly be the problem because he has the perfect and undeniable solution. And you must be made to see that. If you don’t understand then, either you are a fool who must be enlightened [indoctrinated] or you are an incorrigibly corrupt reactionary. Either way, you are wrong and Paine’s disciples are absolutely right.

Therefore every one else must be put right in order to put all the problems right !

And this is what we see in the German parliament today. One assumed answer decreed by a Socialist Chancellor to be THE SOLUTION, regardless of reality, experience and indeed reasoned, open thinking.

It does not matter, therefore, that a pandemic blows itself out after two years or so. NB the 1918/19 “Spanish flu” pandemic. Individual dignity and liberty do not matter, either, because Society must be protected against aberrant thinking and practice. It does not matter therefore that

  • there are serious questions about the tests for Covid
  • the vaccines don’t stop transmission,
  • vaccines do not stop re-infection
  • that they can kill young people
  • that they remain experimental until 2023 !!!].

It does not matter that the German constitution devolves major internal policy to the 16 regional lander because of the Authoritarian, militaristic outrages of the Nazi era.

None of this contrary thinking matters because it is invalid. It is invalid because it is peddled by self centred and selfish people who are obviously extremists because they don’t accept the government line.

But in the real world looked at realistically, the problem is not  Dissent from the Collectivist line. The true problem is the Mentality behind Idealist collectivist thinking.

By contrast, the traditional English political and philosophical mindset addresses problems practically – note the 13th century Magna Carta and the 1689 Bill of Rights. And the Christian religion prevalent before the ascendancy of today’s Materialism addresses the fundamental realities of our identity and our propensity. We are each valued because we are made in the image of God;  but we are all wayward [not just the politically incorrect] because we are all capable of self centred hypocrisy and of abusing our fellow human beings. We are ALL sinners

So, what does a global, proportionate representative picture of the statistics tell us ? NB such a global perspective is adopted by apologists for vaccination when the reality of deaths caused by Covid vaccines arises. Suddenly the global picture becomes all important. They compare the risks from vaccination with the risks of dying from Covid. So let’s compare risks.

Please note that the world population today is in the order of 7,874 million and that global deaths in a pre-pandemic period, namely 2019 were over 58 million.

Re 22 months of recording Covid – statistics to date courtesy of John Hopkins University medical school, am 28th January 2022:

  • Global cases of Covid = 366 million
  • global deaths so far =         6 million [in fact 5.64]
  • global vaccine doses = 9,907 million

Re 1918/19 ‘Spanish flu’ courtesy of the US government

  • global cases of 1918/19 flu =  500 million
  • global deaths    1918/19 flu =     50 million

Make the comparisons for yourself !


PS I have a suspicion that deaths from vaccination may well exceed the deaths from Covid itself when all the facts eventually become known …if they can ever become known ! Compare the 366 million Covid infections with the 9,907 million doses – say 3,300 million persons jabbed. The risk of vaccination death only has to be 10% of the risk of dying from Covid itself to make the numbers of those dying from vaccination against Covid higher than actual deaths from Covid …