Official – woke ideology now dictates British political and constitutional culture, not democracy and the rule of law!

The Attorney General of the United Kingdom last week stated the reality about British political culture and practice. But let’s first identify the current political context. 

In December 2019, the Conservative party Leader, Boris Johnson, secured an incredible 80 seat overall majority in the House of Commons at Westminster. The reason ? The British people were sick and tired of the delay in implementing the Brexit Referendum result of June 2016. They were sick and tired of the Establishment Intelligentsia’s efforts to thwart Brexit and keep the UK in the European Union. 

Mr Johnson’s election slogan was terse and targeted accurately; it matched the mood, and it met the need of the moment: Get Brexit Done !

Mr Johnson proceeded with the formal quitting of the European Union: he got out of the institutions and the treaties, though not as perfectly as many of us had wished. As of 1st January 2021, however,  the UK was no longer an EU member nor subject to the exigencies of the EU Single market and Customs Union – except, of course, for the untidy but pragmatic arrangements for Northern Ireland.

Since when, Mr Johnson has been obliged to resign as leader of the Conservative party, and hence as Prime Minister, because of the mood among Conservative Members of Parliament. Their mood was attributed to a failure of Mr Johnson’s moral authority:  lies, trust and hypocrisy – in fact the besetting sins of many politicians.

It was a farce. Less than 3 years after a phenomenal personal endorsement and the most specific mandate which any leader could ever hope to have, Johnson’s parliamentary colleagues decided he could not be trusted… Dozens of MPs ousted the legitimate leader elected overwhelmingly by millions. I have already blogged about the stupidity of Conservative MPs attempting to do this – see link below.

According to an opinion poll published in the British Observer Sunday paper on August 14th, Tory party members also disagree with Conservative MPs. The poll published by the Observer reveals Mr Johnson remains the preferred leader among party members, well ahead of the actual candidates to replace him, namely Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak.

I firmly believe that Johnson should have served his full term because of his 2019 General Election mandate – and I say that despite my reservations about the man’s capacities as a person and as a politician.

But the Metropolitan, liberal-Left intellectual elite evidently has no respect whatsoever for constitutional norms and intentions. When democracy does not give the outcome they desire, they refuse to recognise its legitimacy.

The fact that more illegal immigrants can cross the English Channel from France to Britain in 2022 than ever before speaks volumes.

When the United Kingdom’s Conservative government tries to clamp down, what happens ?

The politicised courts oppose the government and the woke indoctrinated armed services refuse to follow orders. Instead, Royal Navy officers disobey and escort illegal immigrants to England, treating them as legitimate refugees.

Wherever these immigrants came from and for whatever reason they originally left, the truth is that they have no moral or legal grounds for leaving peaceful France to enter the UK. But that is not how the British woke elite treats them. It treats illegality as morally legitimate, and the legitimate and moral reality as illegal. It does so by imposing its ideological extremism as Truth, disposing of reality and the rule of law.

So now to the key speech citing conclusive evidence of this ideological triumph over democracy and the Rule of Law.

On Wednesday 10th August 2022 the Attorney General of the United Kingdom gave a keynote speech to the leading British think tank, Policy Exchange. That speech was intended to demonstrate why the British government is putting through legislation to counter the pernicious side effects of the Human Rights Act 1998.

In doing so, however, AG Suella Braverman demonstrated the extensive reality of how British democracy and the rule of law have been superceded by the ideology of the liberal-Left intelligentsia. Her speech cites key developments and decisions in judiciary and the British civil service – developments which demonstrate that the people occupying these institutions

  • are a law unto themselves
  • that they refuse to obey the government of the day
  • that they aim to implement their Ideology in open defiance of democracy and the plain meaning of the Rule of Law

In the hands of these disciples of what Edmund Burke termed atheistical fanaticism, democracy and the law become subsidiary instruments of an alien ideological purpose. Democracy and law are not their masters, but their servants. 

Given this reality, will the Attorney General’s response suffice ? Her description and analysis are correct and to the point, but her solution is gravely inadequate – see her vital speech at the link below.

The Government’s Bill of Rights is intended merely to offset the nonsense aspects of the Human Rights Act of 1998 to which the AG traces our current woes. But it leaves the rotten root stock of the Rights Revolution in place. It will not solve the problem.

In reality, it’s “now-or-never” to eradicate this cancer definitively – not just to restore the status quo ante 1998 but also to replace the entire cultural and philosophical ideology behind that Act.

At minimum, this means:

  1. Repeal the Human Rights Act 1998
  2. quit the European Convention on Human Rights
  3. repeal the Equality Act 2010 and all similar Acts
  4. abolish the ideologically acting Supreme Court
  5. outlaw all ideological training and selection procedures for all government officials and for all judicial appointments

Nothing less will Get Brexit Done nor even begin to overturn the triumph of this anti democratic revolution at the heart of the British intellectual Establishment.

This Conservative government has just two years left to reverse this ideological revolution and restore our proven and effective English traditions of liberty.

If they fail to act surgically, radically and with clear vision, they will leave normal law abiding people the options of submission or revolution to take back control.


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